Thursday, October 29, 2009

Returning to a Gold Standard

It seems that the one thing everybody wants is money, hard currency, CASH! Have you noticed what industry has sprung up from obscurity and has amassed a tidy fortune in no time at all? The cash for gold companies. You send in your gold and they send you cash, albeit not as much as the value of the gold but then again, that's what they're in business for and you want cash....right?? I think of these businesses as internet pawn shops without a ticket to reclaim your jewelry later. I've also heard that some companies are better than other not so ethical ones. Which is best? None of them as far as I'm concerned. They just want your gold, which is worth over $1000. an ounce!

Have all these people lost their brains and failed to see what's going on here? Don't you see your lost potential? They have and they're making millions daily taking your gold and giving you cents on the dollar, even the good companies! Do you know what they're going to do with the gold that you just parted with? They're going to turn it into not just gold but gold coins and gold bullion. Why? If you need to ask this question it may already be too late. Like I said before, gold is over $1000 an ounce. How do you think they need to handle it, gold dust?

The thing to remember is that if they can do it so can't you, if your willing to make the effort to secure your investment. Granted, gold may not always be at this high a value but think of what you would have had if you had converted a lifetime of unused gold into gold coin or bullion. You know, a simple disc of gold or a molded chunk you can take to a jeweler or assayer for conversion to cash later. People have been doing it for centuries until we came off the Gold Standard. Don't have the ability to do this kind of thing. That's okay, you can purchase gold in coin and bullion and make a better conversion using your gold than sending it in a mailer for someone to say, "That's not 18kt, it's only 10kt, here's less than you thought you'd get". Whether you get American or foreign gold coins or bullion, it's still gold and has value that will always be sought. I put some links in this article for you to look at if you like. I'm just sick and tired of these television commercials saying everything but "send us your gold so we can get rich, not you"!

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