Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Fair Play for Poor and Un-famous Child Molesters!

Why is it that when the rich and famous are arrested and imprisoned for their acts of filth and debauchery they always seem to get terminal illnesses, or rare heart conditions, that require them to be released for 'special' medical care. Today, it's Roman Polanki's turn to get an 'illness' and have to leave jail in Switzerland and be taken to a Zurich hospital for 'tests'. Is he afraid that his detailed confession all those years ago might just hold up in a court of law? Preposterous! Are they checking for a possible low sperm count which may require the sacrificing of an underage virgin? Maybe so! He was after-all a guest of the French government, which obviously condones underage sexual encounters since they've been holding him at bay from the evil American justice seekers all these years. That's even more disturbing is that they accepted him with open arms and evidently NOBODY in France ever heard that he'd made a detailed confession of his lewd crimes against a child. The French government has changed control many times since then and still they protected him. Makes the French look like a bunch of deviants unfortunately. I know they're not that kind of people but you are judged by the company you keep and who you harbor. Now, look who's vocal about dropping chargers against him here, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese! We all know what's under Woody's bed, or should I say who's 'IN' his bed, but what might Martin be hiding? We may want to know what, or whom, before going to see his next movie. Good attracts good and trash, well, you know.

Maybe Polanski is having flashbacks of feeding booze and drugs to that 13 year old girl before he sodomized her. (Wikipedia definition: Sodomy (pronounced /ˈsɒdəmi/) is a term used today predominantly in law (derived from traditional Christian usage) to describe the act of anal intercourse, oral intercourse, or bestiality.) Nice Roman, real nice! Proud of your 'conquest' of a young, pre-nubile girl? Probably! Bet you felt you showed her a thing or two, huh? Who's your daddy now?

How proud his family must be with their "successful movie director in the family"! Oh, wait a second, didn't most of them perish in the Holocaust in Poland? That was terrible and unfortunate on many levels of humanity. What a way to carry on the name of a good family. What a disgrace.

This should leave a message to people who want to commit crimes and feel they can 'buy or influence' their way out. They need to get the same treatment that a someone from the inner city would get and go to the same institutions they get to go to. THAT would send a message, it would for me in their place.

It's just how I feel about those that commit crimes against the elderly and the underaged. It's as low as you can go! Also, as the title of this article say's about fair play for the poor and un-famous child molesters, there should be no fairness, only hostility, for any and all child and elder molesters! Live like a sick animal, end up like a sick animal.

Did I mention that he actually confessed in great detail to his crimes against this 13 year old girl and ran when the judge decided not to allow a plea bargain? He wanted his cake and he wanted to, never mind. Hmmm, I think I did to a good degree!

Oct. 23 update: The Swiss court has DENIED Polanski's appeal to be released from detention and the United States has started formal extradition proceedings to return the convicted child rapist back to the states for sentencing after 23 years. If the American judge removes those 23 years from his sentence he needs to be taken to a public square and stoned by the masses, but I don't think any judge will let that happen to this Hollywood/France protected child rapist.

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