Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Mechanic Died!

That's right, my mechanic died. He was at the counter talking away, grabbed his chest, and died. It was an awful thing to happen and I'm glad I wasn't there to witness it. I was told there was nothing anybody could have done due to existing health issues they hadn't been aware of. Okay, things like this can happen and often they do. Good things also happen but they're not talked about as much. I'm now in a situation where I need a new mechanic for my soon to be 13 year old car with 180k miles on it. Vroom, vroom! I know, poor sound effects, even though there isn't sound. I still needed a mechanic. I asked friends, you know word of mouth and all, and they all had good and bad to say about everybody's choice of who they use and yes they're honest and no they're not. I figured I'd ask my buddy, in California, to see what there was for Los Angeles auto repair, as an example. He directed me to a website that gave me the name of a mechanic, with recommendations, where else? That's right, in Los Angeles. I know I'm in Florida but what the heck did I have to lose except a couple of minutes of my time. I figured, let me see what else it would bring up.

I started looking through the website and realized that it wasn't an LA site at all but a nationwide one with user recommendations and directions to them all. All I had to do was put in my city and state and it would do the rest. My former mechanic was on the list I got back as well. One problem my late mechanic had would be to not tell me what was involved with, say, a head gasket repair. I find that I can input a particular repair and this place tells me what's involved and why it needs to be done, or isn't necessary at all to do right away. I like information, it saves me money, sometimes.

The really cool thing about this whole site is that I can go and see what may be in store for me, repair wise, with my car. For that matter I can trucks like a Ford Explorer as an example, to see common problems, recall information, ratings, and questions/answers. I was even able to reviews recalls that had been placed on my car and my wife's car. I got to read other peoples comments about the same model as mine and it was interesting to see commonalities in comments. I put some links in this post if you care to explore the site. I've been back a few times already and set up my car in their system so I can get any things that may pop up about it. I still need to go back and add my wife's car as well. Then, I get to pick a mechanic. If I don't care for them I can write a review and pick another. I like this. It is really sad that he did pass away and all, I liked him as a person but as a mechanic, not so much.

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