Monday, October 12, 2009

Did Obama Earn the Prize?

Hell No! He didn't do anything but give speeches, the action hasn't happened yet. Don't get me wrong here, I do support what he's trying to do. During the dark times of the past eight years of the Bush Cheney Plague we managed to piss off just about every ally we have had since the second world war and earlier. What this country hasn't been doing for eight years is talk to the countries we should have never stopped talking to and started talking with these wealthy middle east oil pirates. Can anybody say post election lucrative consulting and speaking fees? Can I get a hallelujah! Can I get an amen? Can I get a praise be? How about pass the deep plate? That's more like it! Nothing religious about any of them, it's all about the cash. I digress once again. This is what Barack Obama has going against him. Well, let me list what he has going against him based on what I've heard my cracker coworkers saying. We'll do it by the numbers, shall we?

1. He's Black,
2. Tolerance + Open Dialogue = Weakness,
3. He's a Democrat,
4. He's an 'alleged' Socialist,
5. He's an 'alleged' Communist,
6. Did I mention that he's an educated Black man?,
7. He talks to other country's leaders,
8. He talks to the 'bad' guys in other countries,
9. He doesn't flex our strength at them to make them fear us,
10. He makes too many concessions, like talking to people,
11. He's a terrorist,
12. He's a Muslim,
13. He's an Arab,
14. He's not a native born American citizen,
15. Rush and Glenn know all his dirty secrets,
16. He has a tall wife who wears shorts (Oh my God!),
17. He talks to US and tells us what's going on and his future intentions,
18. When all else fails.....he's Black!

I think President Obama should be given the Alfred Nobel Prize for Tolerance! He sure as hell deserves that, at the very least.

Who the hell cares if our President is a Black man, or even a Black woman, so long as the they put the needs of the people first and not their pockets. I didn't say Bush or Cheney pockets! The funny thing about all this is that the ones who are the strongest against the President of the United States of America are Americans who call themselves patriots. Since when does a patriot go against their Commander in Chief? Oh, I know, it was the Russian Revolution when the dissident Communists lead by Lenin took over the Russian government and ruled for a long time with an iron fist and told the population that everybody in all those other countries were their enemies and they'd have to send troops in to protect the motherland from the threats! Hang on a second, that has a familiar ring to it. God forbid we might actually talk to these people who are pissed off that we have been ignoring them in the past so they threaten missile launches in the middle east and the Pacific. Since we've started talking to them I haven't seen many stories in the news about imminent launches and these villains have actually started praising our President. I do believe that there are 5 reasons why this has happened and why the world is finally beginning to think that we are 'growing up' in America. Go back and re-read #'s 1, 2, 6, 10, and 18! Wake up fellow White people! How are you going to feel when you see Hillary in shorts in the Rose Garden some day? It's time we showed the world who we really are. Turn off the talk radio and stand tall in the world community. The only way to stop issues like terrorism is by a united stand of nations, and I don't mean the United Nations. That needs to go the way of the old League of Nations.

I'm done rambling for now so you can make your comments about what I've said but I still stand by them. The Peace Prize should be for accomplishments that have substance, not good intentions. I think Obama has made that clear, as he should have. The bigotry and hatred that has been festering over the Bush years has to stop because this country is about to take a back seat in the world order.

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