Thursday, October 29, 2009

Returning to a Gold Standard

It seems that the one thing everybody wants is money, hard currency, CASH! Have you noticed what industry has sprung up from obscurity and has amassed a tidy fortune in no time at all? The cash for gold companies. You send in your gold and they send you cash, albeit not as much as the value of the gold but then again, that's what they're in business for and you want cash....right?? I think of these businesses as internet pawn shops without a ticket to reclaim your jewelry later. I've also heard that some companies are better than other not so ethical ones. Which is best? None of them as far as I'm concerned. They just want your gold, which is worth over $1000. an ounce!

Have all these people lost their brains and failed to see what's going on here? Don't you see your lost potential? They have and they're making millions daily taking your gold and giving you cents on the dollar, even the good companies! Do you know what they're going to do with the gold that you just parted with? They're going to turn it into not just gold but gold coins and gold bullion. Why? If you need to ask this question it may already be too late. Like I said before, gold is over $1000 an ounce. How do you think they need to handle it, gold dust?

The thing to remember is that if they can do it so can't you, if your willing to make the effort to secure your investment. Granted, gold may not always be at this high a value but think of what you would have had if you had converted a lifetime of unused gold into gold coin or bullion. You know, a simple disc of gold or a molded chunk you can take to a jeweler or assayer for conversion to cash later. People have been doing it for centuries until we came off the Gold Standard. Don't have the ability to do this kind of thing. That's okay, you can purchase gold in coin and bullion and make a better conversion using your gold than sending it in a mailer for someone to say, "That's not 18kt, it's only 10kt, here's less than you thought you'd get". Whether you get American or foreign gold coins or bullion, it's still gold and has value that will always be sought. I put some links in this article for you to look at if you like. I'm just sick and tired of these television commercials saying everything but "send us your gold so we can get rich, not you"!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Mechanic Died!

That's right, my mechanic died. He was at the counter talking away, grabbed his chest, and died. It was an awful thing to happen and I'm glad I wasn't there to witness it. I was told there was nothing anybody could have done due to existing health issues they hadn't been aware of. Okay, things like this can happen and often they do. Good things also happen but they're not talked about as much. I'm now in a situation where I need a new mechanic for my soon to be 13 year old car with 180k miles on it. Vroom, vroom! I know, poor sound effects, even though there isn't sound. I still needed a mechanic. I asked friends, you know word of mouth and all, and they all had good and bad to say about everybody's choice of who they use and yes they're honest and no they're not. I figured I'd ask my buddy, in California, to see what there was for Los Angeles auto repair, as an example. He directed me to a website that gave me the name of a mechanic, with recommendations, where else? That's right, in Los Angeles. I know I'm in Florida but what the heck did I have to lose except a couple of minutes of my time. I figured, let me see what else it would bring up.

I started looking through the website and realized that it wasn't an LA site at all but a nationwide one with user recommendations and directions to them all. All I had to do was put in my city and state and it would do the rest. My former mechanic was on the list I got back as well. One problem my late mechanic had would be to not tell me what was involved with, say, a head gasket repair. I find that I can input a particular repair and this place tells me what's involved and why it needs to be done, or isn't necessary at all to do right away. I like information, it saves me money, sometimes.

The really cool thing about this whole site is that I can go and see what may be in store for me, repair wise, with my car. For that matter I can trucks like a Ford Explorer as an example, to see common problems, recall information, ratings, and questions/answers. I was even able to reviews recalls that had been placed on my car and my wife's car. I got to read other peoples comments about the same model as mine and it was interesting to see commonalities in comments. I put some links in this post if you care to explore the site. I've been back a few times already and set up my car in their system so I can get any things that may pop up about it. I still need to go back and add my wife's car as well. Then, I get to pick a mechanic. If I don't care for them I can write a review and pick another. I like this. It is really sad that he did pass away and all, I liked him as a person but as a mechanic, not so much.

Unforseen Kitchen Update To Do!

Okay, I wasn't planning on doing anything indoors in the way of, well, whatever! I was planning on outdoor issues until I brought my heavy duty push broom through the house on my way to the back porch. That was what I intended to do, until! It wasn't planned because I actually liked the light fixture that used to be over the kitchen table. It was nice looking and functional and it did what it was supposed to do. It was supposed to provide light at the table while we ate or read or whatever! Until I turned to answer a question my wife had about watching what I was doing, and be careful, and stuff like that. I've been to my local home goods stores and didn't see anything close to the old one or new and exciting to replace the now named "broom light"! It was just a tap and the glass went everywhere, along with the cats and my wife, when it imploded over the table.

Since my efforts to find a suitable replacement went for naught I need to go to the internet to find my replacement, that she will approve and be able to live with. I hate turning over an advantage to someone, it's no fun having to agree with one decision only. I actually would like to get a hanging light that I can install a dimmer switch to that won't look strange with a low light. Sometimes it would be annoying to eat dinner with the sun blazing over the table and other times it would seem rather dull.
I was even thinking about setting up a theme in the kitchen with the lighting and tie it in with the counter by the sink since they're both focal points there.

What I don't like about going to the stores and trying to pick out something is that I always feel like I'm under pressure to make a decision right then and there. I usually end up regretting it or I end up making a good comment about something I got to avoid admitting I made a mistake, like I did for a fixture I purchased for my home office. Actually, it's an extra bedroom I have my desk and stuff in but I call it my office, you know how it is. I just needed a lamp for the desk without having it sit on the desk. The only things I could come up with for ideas were a standing lamp or a swing arm lamp attached to the wall. I don't have the room, or the patience, for another appliance on the floor getting in the way so the only logical alternative was the wall mounted one. I'm actually quite happy with it since I can swing it out of the way until I need it and it's not in the way when I don't need it. Sweet. I hope I got all the glass off the floor

What Were Those Pilots Doing for 150 Miles?

I can only imagine what they they were doing since they say they weren't sleeping and they weren't arguing. Not much left to the imagination except.......

Naw, they wouldn't be doing that, would they?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Walmart Will Tease But Won't Please!

I have a major attitude issue with the blue giant of retail. They have their customer strategy ass backwards and they haven't a clue about it. I defy anyone reading this article to challenge me to the truthfulness of the statement I'm going to make in the next sentence. If Walmart is selling something, anything, you like, they will discontinue it! Years ago I ws an assistant manager for them and I worked the overnight shift for 6 months. I found a delicious shrimp dish in the packaged deli dept, it was out of this world. A month later it was gone from the order list. Every week a customer or more would come to me and describe a product they were looking for and I'd have to tell them we didn't carry it anymore and they would either leave dejected or really pissed off. I had another similar situation in the Hardware dept. They sold a roll of really tough trashbags in various sizes and they were great. I used to be good for 2-3 packages a month with them and they always sold down, especially the 35 gal size - DISCONTINUED! They now sell Hefty tough bags for about $13. I will not spend $13 on a box of trashbags. They can stick them up their ........ I digress, a habit I fall into more and more these days. On and on it goes.

Walmart has repackaged it's cracker and, I assume cookie, packages to look like they belong in a generic hospital kitchen. Very unappealing to look at let alone judge the contents. The old packages fell under the if it's not broken don't fix category. Tax write-offs I gather. In their haste to rebrand their own generic products the decided to do what? That's right, delete a cracker that was the best cracker they ever sold - the Crackle. I spoke to the Keebler rep in a store in the Tampa market and he told me they did indeed drop that product and are now trying to push their generic Town House cracker which, to my stupidity, I proceeded to buy 2 boxes of to see if it was the Crackle just broken up. They suck! If these are the repackaged Town House crackers that Keebler sells then they must have sole them the rejects because these things are not good at all. The Crackle were buttery with the right amount of salt and .......THAT'S WHY THEY WERE DISCONTINUED! Some Bentonville asswipe will probably pull a data spreadsheet and say the Crackles didn't measure up and that the other cracker things would turn over a tidier profit from the low income folk who probably buy the generics. If I got to Publix, Sweetbay, or Winn-Dixie supermarkets and tell them there's something I would love for them to carry they try to get them. You tell someone at Walmart the same thing they tell you it's the decision of the buyers in Bentonville that make the decision on the life or death of a product. That my friends is totally wrong. I know it's wrong because I fought for a customer to get Hebrew National Kosher products returned to the order book and I got them reinstated. I showed the numbers from my store to the buyer and he directed me to the specific buyer and I proved the sales numbers to him and showed him the the competition was getting our Kosher business and that we did indeed sells those items, especially during the holidays.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that Walmart has done the one thing company founder Sam Walton never wanted to see happen. They got too big for their own, or the customers, good! They don't feel the need to listen to what the cuustomers want but rather what the spreadsheet wants which are often in conflict. The employees are not happy, the customers are not happy but the executives are happy. They know that by keeping prices down people will be forced to shop at Walmart but there is a crack in that ice. I'm actually finding regular pricing for many regular items I buy weekly cheaper at the supermarkets without being on sale. Walmart doesn't seem to be price comparing anymore and several people I know have tried to do a price match and have gotten resistance to it. A few years ago it was not like that. What happened? I did also notice that the star between Wal and Mart is gone and is at the end taking a spiral shape now. The star was for Sam Walton and I guess he's been discontinued too! Does the spiral have significance? It doesn't appear to be an upward one.

One last note. Do you ant a free gift card? Call 1-800-wal-mart and make a legitimate complaint and tell them you want some satisfaction from the local store. 99% of the time they'll pay you off with a gift card and reply to the internal email from the home office that the customer was satisfied with their service. People knew if they spoke up enough they'd be bought off. The store manager I had made it a rule to do justy that to avoid repeated complaints. You have the option and this is what usually happens. Be legitimate about your issue and don't scam, too many of them are out there driving the prices up by scamming.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Fair Play for Poor and Un-famous Child Molesters!

Why is it that when the rich and famous are arrested and imprisoned for their acts of filth and debauchery they always seem to get terminal illnesses, or rare heart conditions, that require them to be released for 'special' medical care. Today, it's Roman Polanki's turn to get an 'illness' and have to leave jail in Switzerland and be taken to a Zurich hospital for 'tests'. Is he afraid that his detailed confession all those years ago might just hold up in a court of law? Preposterous! Are they checking for a possible low sperm count which may require the sacrificing of an underage virgin? Maybe so! He was after-all a guest of the French government, which obviously condones underage sexual encounters since they've been holding him at bay from the evil American justice seekers all these years. That's even more disturbing is that they accepted him with open arms and evidently NOBODY in France ever heard that he'd made a detailed confession of his lewd crimes against a child. The French government has changed control many times since then and still they protected him. Makes the French look like a bunch of deviants unfortunately. I know they're not that kind of people but you are judged by the company you keep and who you harbor. Now, look who's vocal about dropping chargers against him here, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese! We all know what's under Woody's bed, or should I say who's 'IN' his bed, but what might Martin be hiding? We may want to know what, or whom, before going to see his next movie. Good attracts good and trash, well, you know.

Maybe Polanski is having flashbacks of feeding booze and drugs to that 13 year old girl before he sodomized her. (Wikipedia definition: Sodomy (pronounced /ˈsɒdəmi/) is a term used today predominantly in law (derived from traditional Christian usage) to describe the act of anal intercourse, oral intercourse, or bestiality.) Nice Roman, real nice! Proud of your 'conquest' of a young, pre-nubile girl? Probably! Bet you felt you showed her a thing or two, huh? Who's your daddy now?

How proud his family must be with their "successful movie director in the family"! Oh, wait a second, didn't most of them perish in the Holocaust in Poland? That was terrible and unfortunate on many levels of humanity. What a way to carry on the name of a good family. What a disgrace.

This should leave a message to people who want to commit crimes and feel they can 'buy or influence' their way out. They need to get the same treatment that a someone from the inner city would get and go to the same institutions they get to go to. THAT would send a message, it would for me in their place.

It's just how I feel about those that commit crimes against the elderly and the underaged. It's as low as you can go! Also, as the title of this article say's about fair play for the poor and un-famous child molesters, there should be no fairness, only hostility, for any and all child and elder molesters! Live like a sick animal, end up like a sick animal.

Did I mention that he actually confessed in great detail to his crimes against this 13 year old girl and ran when the judge decided not to allow a plea bargain? He wanted his cake and he wanted to, never mind. Hmmm, I think I did to a good degree!

Oct. 23 update: The Swiss court has DENIED Polanski's appeal to be released from detention and the United States has started formal extradition proceedings to return the convicted child rapist back to the states for sentencing after 23 years. If the American judge removes those 23 years from his sentence he needs to be taken to a public square and stoned by the masses, but I don't think any judge will let that happen to this Hollywood/France protected child rapist.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Did Obama Earn the Prize?

Hell No! He didn't do anything but give speeches, the action hasn't happened yet. Don't get me wrong here, I do support what he's trying to do. During the dark times of the past eight years of the Bush Cheney Plague we managed to piss off just about every ally we have had since the second world war and earlier. What this country hasn't been doing for eight years is talk to the countries we should have never stopped talking to and started talking with these wealthy middle east oil pirates. Can anybody say post election lucrative consulting and speaking fees? Can I get a hallelujah! Can I get an amen? Can I get a praise be? How about pass the deep plate? That's more like it! Nothing religious about any of them, it's all about the cash. I digress once again. This is what Barack Obama has going against him. Well, let me list what he has going against him based on what I've heard my cracker coworkers saying. We'll do it by the numbers, shall we?

1. He's Black,
2. Tolerance + Open Dialogue = Weakness,
3. He's a Democrat,
4. He's an 'alleged' Socialist,
5. He's an 'alleged' Communist,
6. Did I mention that he's an educated Black man?,
7. He talks to other country's leaders,
8. He talks to the 'bad' guys in other countries,
9. He doesn't flex our strength at them to make them fear us,
10. He makes too many concessions, like talking to people,
11. He's a terrorist,
12. He's a Muslim,
13. He's an Arab,
14. He's not a native born American citizen,
15. Rush and Glenn know all his dirty secrets,
16. He has a tall wife who wears shorts (Oh my God!),
17. He talks to US and tells us what's going on and his future intentions,
18. When all else fails.....he's Black!

I think President Obama should be given the Alfred Nobel Prize for Tolerance! He sure as hell deserves that, at the very least.

Who the hell cares if our President is a Black man, or even a Black woman, so long as the they put the needs of the people first and not their pockets. I didn't say Bush or Cheney pockets! The funny thing about all this is that the ones who are the strongest against the President of the United States of America are Americans who call themselves patriots. Since when does a patriot go against their Commander in Chief? Oh, I know, it was the Russian Revolution when the dissident Communists lead by Lenin took over the Russian government and ruled for a long time with an iron fist and told the population that everybody in all those other countries were their enemies and they'd have to send troops in to protect the motherland from the threats! Hang on a second, that has a familiar ring to it. God forbid we might actually talk to these people who are pissed off that we have been ignoring them in the past so they threaten missile launches in the middle east and the Pacific. Since we've started talking to them I haven't seen many stories in the news about imminent launches and these villains have actually started praising our President. I do believe that there are 5 reasons why this has happened and why the world is finally beginning to think that we are 'growing up' in America. Go back and re-read #'s 1, 2, 6, 10, and 18! Wake up fellow White people! How are you going to feel when you see Hillary in shorts in the Rose Garden some day? It's time we showed the world who we really are. Turn off the talk radio and stand tall in the world community. The only way to stop issues like terrorism is by a united stand of nations, and I don't mean the United Nations. That needs to go the way of the old League of Nations.

I'm done rambling for now so you can make your comments about what I've said but I still stand by them. The Peace Prize should be for accomplishments that have substance, not good intentions. I think Obama has made that clear, as he should have. The bigotry and hatred that has been festering over the Bush years has to stop because this country is about to take a back seat in the world order.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Windows 7 - 32bit or 64bit Decision

I've been on the fence for a few months now on whether I would install the 'safe' 32 bit architecture for Windows 7 (which I smartly jumped on the cheap train and bought for half price from squeaky cheap Microsoft) or start to fully utilize my AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor and go whole hog and install the 64 bit version and get my full 4 gigs of memory I installed but can't fully utilize right now. I've been doing web searches for awhile now and I found an article that I want to share with anyone in a similar predicament as myself and why this article and the feedback they got swayed me to 'take the plunge' with the 64 bit version.
The article appeared on the Gizmodo The Gadget Blog website. Read for yourself, as well as any other 'productive' opinion sites you may discover and make your own decision.

Just to set the record straight as far as upgrading to Windows 7.

If you run Vista currently you can do an upgrade to your operating system.

If you run XP you need to do a 'clean' install which wipes your boot drive and re-writes it with Windows 7 with no XP traces left behind. YOU CANNOT DO AN UPGRADE TO XP, CLEAN INSTALLS ONLY! With that said, don't worry thinking that the software will cost more because it's a full install. The upgrade version will ALSO do a complete install for XP users. The $119 version will work just fine, Microsoft said so!

I recommend copying important data from your boot drive as well as any and all installation files you may need to restore working utilities and regular programs. I won't be backing up any of these because I don't want stray operating system data to enter the new system. The XP Registry will be completely erased and rewritten for the Windows 7 Operating System! Copy your Program Files and Documents and Settings directories to a safe place for reference. It saves a lot of time when you have to look for a program you liked and you can track it down by looking through the older version of where it was and what it was called in these directories.

Hardware - check the vendor sites for 64 bit versions of driver files and setup files. Make a directory somewhere besides your boot drive and label each directory for the hardware it is and sub-directories where other files may be needed for set ups (ie: NVidia has driver files for their cards and also console files for video control panels that do get updated). Check for hardware such as mice, printers, video cards, monitors, external drives, SATA drives, SCSI drives, sound cards, modems, as well as probably a dozen other things that I probably haven't listed. Better safe than sorry and you can always get rid of them after a successful install and trial period.

Software - Do the same thing for important software. I would start with your anti virus and spyware detection sites to make sure you're 64 bit compatible (you should be if you do your regular updates). Also, makes sure your Internet browser will have no issues with the change, it shouldn't but check the site for the product you use.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL REGISTRATION DATA FOR YOUR APPLICATIONS IN ORDER TO REINSTALL THEM AFTERWARDS!! Write them down from the Help/About tabs in the running applications of you don't still have activation e-mails or CD covers with the data on them. Worse come to worse you can always contact the vendors to resend the information in an e-mail to you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chantix and Me

The recent articles on Chantix as a smoking cessation medication have reported negative side effects and may well be valid, for some individuals. I, for one, am an exception to that situation. I had to arm twist(figuratively) my doctor to write me a prescription for it because I had been smoking for over 20 years, was tired of coughing, tired of wheezing in bed trying to sleep, tired of the cost, and tired of stinking of tobacco all the time! I started the program (without using any of the support services they offer customers) on May 5th of 2007. I wanted a date to easily remember (Cinqo de mayo). I followed the instructions on the starter pack and by the end of the first week I no longer had a desire to smoke. I had no craving for a cigarette. I had no food cravings or other oral substitutions to replace the cigarette, and most importantly I had no indication of ANY withdrawal at all! None, Nada, Nicht, Nyet! Since that date my doctor still asks me how many cigarettes I'm down to because my blood pressure and blood chemistry look so much better. I give him the same answer I gave him when I went back for the second refill prescription - none! I took the Chantix for 8 weeks and stopped because I felt I was past the worst of it(missing the habit of lighting up) and had no desire for a smoke at all. This coming Cinqo de Mayo of 2010 will be my 3rd anniversary of being smoke free. Another benefit I realized from being on the Chantix was that I could stand in the middle of a group of smokers and feel NO compunction to light up, even just one.

There is one requirement to being on Chantix and being successful with it! This is a very important item now and you must pay close attention if your planning on opting for this route! I have seen a few friends fail the Chantix program because they didn't have this one requirement firmly in place. Ready for the answer? It's an easy one that has a higher failure rate if not seriously considered.

You deep down have to WANT to quit smoking. You need a reason that is important to you to keep in your mind that wants you to quit. Mine was coughing when trying to laugh, wheezing, shortness of breath doing simple physical tasks, high blood pressure and all of that while entering my 50's. I don't want to die! I want to live! The cigarettes were going to kill me before I was ready to go and I want to live as long as I can, without oxygen tanks or riding in scooters or having chemo tubes hanging out of me!

I want to point out to anyone who may feel apprehensive about taking Chantix after reading the Stephen King version of side effects. The government requires ALL reported effects to be listed, even if the product didn't cause it because the treatment was in place and it was considered relevant to be reported as raw data.

I did not have ANY side effect that was listed, or unlisted, during the time I took this medication. I'm not from the planet Krypton, I'm not bionic, and I don't attend Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry! I am an average Joe who achieved success in my desire to quit smoking everything. I felt GREAT while I took it and felt the benefits soon afterward while my system was weening the nicotine out of my brain and bloodstream and tissues. I've been able to lose weight and not feel a replacement habit to be in order and I'm able to list myself as smoke free for insurance purposes now, which also saves money!

If anyone has ANY questions about Chantix and would like my take on it just leave a comment and I'll be happy to help. To set the record straight, I don't work for Pfizer (makers of Chantix) and I'm not being compensated for this article. They are just my honest thoughts that I wanted to share with anyone who may be interested, especially since the negativity that surrounds Chantix may not be coming from health related sources entirely. There are some that will lose revenue if too many people stop smoking. You know who they are! Ride em' cowboy!

I will be repeating this article on all my blogs today for full exposure to me varied readers. Please excuse the redundancy for my writing. David.

Roman Polanski - Self Admitted Child Rapist

This will be short and bitter, nothing sweet about any of this. I just can't fathom the outpouring of support for Roman Polanski and how all these 'Hollywood types' think that he should be immune to legal and just prosecution for his crimes against a minor, whether that former child does not wish prosecution or not. HE RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! HE IS A CHILD RAPIST. A PEDOPHILE! A SEXUAL PREDATOR! Who knows how many children he defiled in France, probably happily supplied by the child rapist protecting French.

I digress. I said this would be short but this maggot has my blood boiling.

My second point is friendships. You know the saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together!"? Look who came out in favor of Polanski right off the bat. The weasel who married his step daughter, Woody Allen. He has a taste for children, especially for one of his wife's children - Soon-Yi. How did Mia Farrow find out Allen was having a 'relationship with her daughter after being with Allen for 10 years? She discovered his relationship with her daughter after finding nude pictures of the girl, then 21, in Allen's apartment. That is just SO WRONG! I'm sorry, but that just isn't done in a moral society and shouldn't be condoned in France either but that's another story. Maybe we should take a look into the secret rooms and computer files of these 'movers and shakers' from Hollywood and see what pictures they store away. Maybe nothing, maybe .....

The bottom line is that anybody who condones this type of abhorrent behavior is probably guilty of similar issues but hasn't been caught yet. He admitted to knowing her age and admitted to having sex with her. She was 13 and no legal expectation of her knowing what she was getting into with a sexual predator and she should not have been put into jeopardy like that.

I wonder if MJ were still alive if he would run to his aid as well?