Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

We got a call to from my mother-in-law, who is staying in England for 6 months, and she posed a question she knows I won't shy away from - even though I should have. The top0ic of the request was dog stuff! When we got off the phone I asked my wife how I was supposed to find dog 'stuff' for her best friend's Yorkshire Terrier(Snowflake).

She knows I won't turn away a challenge, even though I really should for my own piece of mind. I figured that this would be a royal (no pun intended) pain in the neck. How was I supposed to know who sold what for dogs in the U.K., I'm lucky I know 3 places in the states that sell dog 'stuff'. A challenge is a challenge. Come to me Google!

My searches turned up many shops and outlets in and around the greater York metropolitan area and the prices were, when shown, somewhat high. I know pet products in the stores fetch a high mark-up and return a decent profit - when sold that is. With those prices I'm not buying. Some of the stores had websites for selling their store merchandise and this was more of the same. I needed a company that had a low/no overhead that could slash prices due to slashed operating costs. See, I knew that accounting school would come in handy someday! One search turned up information, in a general article on dog care basics. I've been on Shop Wiki before but not the British version when I was buying a game console, which I might add is 'mucho fun'!

My M-I-L (not milf) gave me a shopping list of things she'd like to get since her friend is cash-strapped and can't afford some basic items and has improvised poorly at best for the dog. She wants to get some dog toys and isn't sure what's appropriate for a smaller dog such as a Yorkie so I'm emailing her a link for that as well as the basic information. She can read them at her nephews house on his laptop tomorrow. She can also use her credit card from there as well. As I understand it most general online shops have upwards of 1000 stores in there inventory of resources while Wiki has 3 times that amount. That means less surfing I need to do! This woman owns a pseudo-farm, not a house or a farm but in between. In between enough for the dog to have a hay bed in a box. Didn't that go out with Oliver Twist? Bing - a link for bedding too! I've done my good deed for this year but somehow I don't think I've heard the last of this one yet. Maybe if I work later I can avoid the rest, after all there is a 5 hour time delay and if I get home at 6 p.m. it'll be 11 p.m. there!

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