Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ahmadinejad of Iran Makes His Biggest Pick Yet.

President Ahmadinejad of Iran has made several picks, most being quite questionable since the beginning of his reign. He picked his government - whether it was wanted or not. He picked his weapons - nukes and chemicals all the way. He picked his enemies - Anglo-Judeo infidels in the Bush America's. He picked his friends - start at the bottom of the food chain and stay! Recently he was delivering a moving speech at the United Nations (many moved out of the building) and delivered his final pick of the day. The nose pick!

How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

We got a call to from my mother-in-law, who is staying in England for 6 months, and she posed a question she knows I won't shy away from - even though I should have. The top0ic of the request was dog stuff! When we got off the phone I asked my wife how I was supposed to find dog 'stuff' for her best friend's Yorkshire Terrier(Snowflake).

She knows I won't turn away a challenge, even though I really should for my own piece of mind. I figured that this would be a royal (no pun intended) pain in the neck. How was I supposed to know who sold what for dogs in the U.K., I'm lucky I know 3 places in the states that sell dog 'stuff'. A challenge is a challenge. Come to me Google!

My searches turned up many shops and outlets in and around the greater York metropolitan area and the prices were, when shown, somewhat high. I know pet products in the stores fetch a high mark-up and return a decent profit - when sold that is. With those prices I'm not buying. Some of the stores had websites for selling their store merchandise and this was more of the same. I needed a company that had a low/no overhead that could slash prices due to slashed operating costs. See, I knew that accounting school would come in handy someday! One search turned up information, in a general article on dog care basics. I've been on Shop Wiki before but not the British version when I was buying a game console, which I might add is 'mucho fun'!

My M-I-L (not milf) gave me a shopping list of things she'd like to get since her friend is cash-strapped and can't afford some basic items and has improvised poorly at best for the dog. She wants to get some dog toys and isn't sure what's appropriate for a smaller dog such as a Yorkie so I'm emailing her a link for that as well as the basic information. She can read them at her nephews house on his laptop tomorrow. She can also use her credit card from there as well. As I understand it most general online shops have upwards of 1000 stores in there inventory of resources while Wiki has 3 times that amount. That means less surfing I need to do! This woman owns a pseudo-farm, not a house or a farm but in between. In between enough for the dog to have a hay bed in a box. Didn't that go out with Oliver Twist? Bing - a link for bedding too! I've done my good deed for this year but somehow I don't think I've heard the last of this one yet. Maybe if I work later I can avoid the rest, after all there is a 5 hour time delay and if I get home at 6 p.m. it'll be 11 p.m. there!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baptist Minister(s) Pray for Obama's Death

Now I've seen everything! What the hell is with that? I thought Rev. Wright was bad enough but this takes the cake. I'm without words on this, when a man of God prays for the death of another. I am glad to see his flock scattered after that revelation like someone pulled the pin on a grenade. Rev. Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ isn't the only 'man of the cloth' to pray for death. Baptist Minister (and former second vice president of the Souther Baptist Convention) Wiley Drake reportedly said that he is offering an “imprecatory prayer” for the death of President Obama.

I'm sorry, but what's up with the white Baptist ministers these days? I don't see any black ministers praying to their vengeful God to KILL, KILL, KILL! People accused the Muslim God of that kind of thing. See, now I just learned something new! These two Baptist ministers have taught me that the Baptist God of Israel is a vengeful deity.

I sure am glad that I was raised with the God who believes in life and forgiveness. The bastard they follow is cold-hearted and murderous if he's expected to kill on prayers!

Why the GOP Fears Obama's Speech

Why is the Grand Old Party upset that the President of the United States is going to direct a speech to the school children in America? He isn't the first President that's done it and I'm sure won't be the last one either. Could it be that they don't want the kids to hear something contrary to what they have been preaching about anti-Obama, the allegedly Socialist President? Could be. Could it be that they don't want the kids to be able to make informed decisions, at their level of understanding of course. Kids today are not stupid and are better informed than children from the Boomer days. Any boomer that denies that is a liar. We didn't have the openness of the government and press when we were growing up. Kids today are so underestimated that political parties assume the youth don't care, or are unaware, and won't wake up in time to react. All they will be able to do is deny access to speeches to their children.

I was always taught that if you have nothing to hide, don't hide! If your afraid of knowledge, avoid it! If your afraid of an open mind, grab the blinders off the horse, grab the ear plugs and tape your mouth shut. Is this how the old school Republicans want us to react to new information?

I hope not. I would hope that NO political party in the Free United States would expect any of it's citizens to act. The U.S. is a powerful nation but without knowledge your only as powerful as your least knowledgeable citizen (of normally established intelligence).

American's are like cats, that's right cats! We're a curious people comprised of many races from many countries and cultures. In essence, we ARE the other guys! We just pooled our history's together and created a new culture based on what? That's right, information. What we know about each other makes us greater. What happens when we're denied knowledge about each other? We get paranoid and delusional towards our fellow Americans, and everyone else for that matter. Chaos and anarchy rule when knowledge and communication finally fail. Does anyone remember the Star Chamber in Britain? Legal cases would be decided before the defendants came before the judges. They were denied the right of knowledge in their cases. We adopted an Innocent first legal system to combat that type of rule and to protect the citizenry of this country. We did it for a reason and now there are some that would take that away by denying our children the RIGHT to hear what their President has to say. How awful if he tells them that the key to their future is to stay in school and get their education, show where it could take them, and what their potential could be with knowledge. Oh, I'm sorry, that's what is trying to be avoided here. You really think he's speaking to school children to push National Health Care? I don't think they're old enough to vote yet! Right?

Some people are not going to like what I'm going to say next but so what, it's true. Only a BAD or WEAK parent would feel the need to keep their child from hearing the speech, as other Presidents have made! Why is that you say? How dare you? It's because your obviously relying on others to shape the minds of your kids the way THEY want, not the way that is right or wrong. I'm not saying that what President Obama is going to say is right for all of us, or wrong. I never said "W" should not have been allowed to speak to school kids even though some would label him an alleged Fascist. We have the RIGHT to decide and if we did our parental jobs properly we would have no fear of what may, or may not, be said, and we'd be there to help our children understand what was said. You have to give the kids some credit for the ability to understand what's going on around them, they comprehend more than people realize.

Republicans (which I was for many years) are saying, not all, that the speech should be boycotted and avoided. I ask this, what about Freedom of Information, Freedom of the Press, Free Speech! Don't these things have meaning outside of 'blood burning' speeches against what is called rampant Socialist policies? Does our Constitution have any serious meaning at all to these flag wavers? Yes, I do have a flag at my house and yes, the Constitution allows me to write this article, to burn my flag if I want, to disagree with my government, to watch and listen to whomever I choose, to travel wherever I want in my own country, to work where I want to work, and marry and have children with whomever I choose. How many other countries can say that? Not a whole hell of a lot.

I'm proud to live in a country where we are allowed to evolve without mind control or oppression, where women are finally starting to get their due equality in our society, and where a person of color can rise to the highest position of power in the nation. The old school politicians really need to see what the American people are saying, as opposed to what they want them to say, if they expect to attain power again. It's just like a baseball game, you don't win by trying to hit a home run every at bat, the singles and doubles will win the day. Some learn and some burn! I hate to say it but term limits would level the playing field in the government, it's taking away the power from the old timers that they fear the most. The minority party mantra these days is "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!", FDR said, "the only thing to fear is fear itself". You decide!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Police in Georgia arrest man in trailer killings

Sat Sep 5, 5:53 am ET

ATLANTA (Reuters) – A man who made a distraught call to authorities last week to report he found his father and several other relatives killed was charged with their murders on Friday, police in the U.S. state of Georgia said. Guy Heinze, 22, who was charged with eight counts of murder, told emergency services last Saturday he returned home and discovered family members beaten to death in a trailer in a mobile home park in Brunswick, Georgia. Victims ranged in age from children to adults in their 40s. Seven were members of Heinze's family. "Investigators with the Glynn County Police Department sought and received arrest warrants for Guy Heinze ... in connection with the murders and criminal attempt to commit murder", a police statement said. "This arrest is the result of a compilation of physical as well as testimonial evidence." Heinze was arrested soon after the murders and charged with evidence tampering and drug offenses before being released on bail on Thursday. At that time, police in Glynn County did not say he was a suspect in the murders and for days released few details of how the victims died or whether there was a suspect.
(Writing by Matthew Bigg; Editing by Peter Cooney)
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