Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Universal Health Care Now? Just Say NO, for now.

I am a firm believer that universal health care is desperately needed in the United States right now but there are too many efforts to squash the 'best laid plans of mice and men'. The GOP is trying to kill it for the wrong reasons, wealth and political influence. It isn't a big secret that the insurance lobbies are paying out huge sums of money to 'support' political candidates who share similar beliefs with the industry. These are the same people that are covered under the U.S. Govt health insurance plan, the same one President Obama wanted to open for certain groups of citizens who fell into the required financial category. It's a bold and noble plan the president wants to bring to fruition but I'm beginning to see that this may not be the best time for it.

I really believe that the government needs, should be required, to repair our damaged economy. I know that rampant spending and 'loose' home loan practices during the Bush years dealt the economy a severely damaging blow that will probably take years to completely repair. I do know that the people of this country are to blame for a lot of it as well, mainly out of personal greed. You know the money tree with all that cash growing from it? It died of malnutrition! This country needs strong, honest oversight, not committees or political delegates, who will make hard decisions about the economy and not fear repercussions from some hacks so they can get votes by lowering interest rates for the people. The financial structure of this country doesn't need a finance czar, it needs a finance dictator that only answers to a 2/3 majority of congress and has no accountability to the executive branch of the government. Lo interest home loans crippled the economy and the Iraq war destroyed what was left. How many years has the dollar been the standard worldwide monetary instrument? Who is taking our place since we can't afford to wipe our own arses anymore? Why do China, Japan, and the United Kingdom hold more IOU's from us that we do on them? I remember when everybody owed us billions now we owe them trillions.

In a round about conclusion I would like to first say to the GOP, who say that we can never afford universal health care, to shove their heads firmly up their arses and get close to what they spew to the voters. I do remember that they let us get to this point with our now worthless dollars and didn't say a word. Now we have a time when the government wants to do something usefull for the people of this country who have very little and NOW they say we can't afford it. Oh, that's right, I forgot. If you spoke out against the Bush Administration you were considered a traitor to the U.S.A. I do remember that very well!!

In summation, I am 100% behind a universal health care plan, they do work. The United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia all have one. Granted, the time it takes to see a physicians may take a little longer as priorities override desire for appointments. You do get seem and the care is not anything less than you currently get now, regardless of what you are told. I work with devout Republicans that regularly listen to Rush and Glen and they know for a fact that the English all hate national health. That's interesting indeed since I have quite a few relatives in the U.K. and they all think it's great. A good deal of the health care is subsidized with fuel and cigarette taxes. They know why they're paying more for these but they know what it's going to as well. These brokers of sour grapes have many people who are weak-minded enough to believe everything they are told is fact undermining a potentially great step in this country's evolution. I'm sorry, did I say evolution? That's another article to come.

In closing (I'm getting there) the bottom line is that we cannot afford this right now. It's a grand plan but I think it needs further polishing by all sides of Congress. Right now we need to fix our attention on getting people back to work and bolstering the weak economy with good old fashioned wage spending. I know people that have been unemployed for too long and it's a disgrace to the country that we are on the road to becomming a welfare nation. Please fix it before we as a nation become permanently neutered and we have to cash government assistance checks drawn from a bank in China.


The BoBo said...

"I know that rampant spending and 'loose' home loan practices during the Bush years dealt the economy a severely damaging blow that will probably take years to completely repair."

Surely you aren't trying to blame that on Bush are ya? These types of predatory loans were started as a result of the CRA in 1977 and then enhanced by Clinton when he loosened the standards where no ID was required, no verification of employment was required, and no proof of income was required. Bush inherited that mess. However, he could have fixed it by repealing the CRA - but - that would have been political suicide because of the strong-arm tactics of ACORN.

If you want to blame this mess on someone - blame it on the Dems and their liberal policies forcing banks to make loans to those who couldn't afford a home in the first place.

Dave said...

I place the blame on the government as a whole, it just peaked during the Bush years beyond the point of no return. I believe that all politicians are the same, single minded and self serving. I'm not saying they're bad because of it, I'm saying we're lazy by not rotating in new representation to keep them respectful of who their employers REALLY are, US! The GOP and the Dems are like the Red Sox and Yankees, they'll always be competitors. I'm looking at damages that started with Carter, definitely NOT one of my top 40 presidents to live under, where's Dick Nixon when you need him?
Inevitably, the blame rests with us because we can change things and we didn't flex enough political muscle when it needed it. Look at term limits, I thought we voted that in? They voted it back out, talk about self imposed job security! This is why I was urging people last year to vote for ??, just get out and vote. Hopefully, all those new, younger voters who got out will start to learn for future votes they cast. Hey, this is becoming an article instead of a comment! Thanks for the post, ALL feedback is welcome.