Thursday, August 13, 2009

So True It Hurts to Think About It.

The former US Vice-President Dick Cheney reportedly grew increasingly disenchanted with former President George Bush (both pictured above) during the latter’s second term as president, believing his boss was going soft in the so-called war on terror, it emerged yesterday. The rift apparently came to light as Cheney, the driving force behind many of Bush’s hardline decisions, discussed his forthcoming memoirs with former colleagues and policy experts. In the last days of his administration, Bush halted the waterboarding of terrorist suspects, closed secret CIA prisons, sought congressional approval for domestic surveillance, and put out feelers to Iran and North Korea, governments he previously denounced as part of the “axis of evil”. According to those who have been speaking to the former vice-president, the shift stuck in Cheney’s craw. Perhaps Americans currently castigating President Barack Obama as a Nazi might care to cast their minds back ?

This article reprinted from the Caledonian Comment on 13 Aug. 2009. I encourage you to visit their site for interesting and insightful commentary on world events. Caledonian Comment


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