Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paula Abdul Go Away

Hold her up guys, the paparazzi are here!

Paula Abdul announced that she will not be returning to American Idol next season. My guess is that she was put off because Ryan Seacrest got a whopper of a contract and Simon made a boatload of cash too, I'm sure Randy is equally happy with his arrangement. The bottom line is that Paula was getting to be a liability with her semi comatose behavior and bizarre interviews. I've heard that prescription drugs were to blame and I've heard that alcohol was a factor as well. I don't know, I don't live with her. I personally think the American Idol experience has gone on too long and now they just attract the freaks thast floated back up from prior years. What floats isn't always a duck!

I find it morbidly ammusing that people get upset when a celeb makes x millions and they feel it shaould have been more. Are these people out of their minds? Please justify to me why Seacrest needs $40+ million to host a show of circus performers doing dog and pony acts. You don't know how to spend your money? Throw some my way and I'll put it to good use paying bills and a mortgage, I don't need a Bentley because my Mitsubishi runs pretty well still. I'd be very happy with $1 million tax free unlike these parasites that need to hold out for another $20 mil for good luck. People, we get them this way by watching this reality TRASH on television. I'm so sick of what's on TV that I don't watch it anymore except for the news at bedtime and when I wake up, you know, to go to work for millions less than these dopes. Wait a sec, who's the dope?

Getting back to Paula. I've seen her music video and I thought it sucked, too old for going back in time dear, leave it to the new up and commers. How many actually made anything with a career after Idol? Kelly, she was great it's too bad she porked out recently she was looking hot for awhile there. Carrie, smart girl going the country route, Daughtry rocked on, oh wait, he was an Idol loser wasn't he, LOL! There was also the singer who came out of the closet when Rubin won, nothing ther either now. Not bad for what, 7 years? Waste of time that you can never get back. So Paula, in conclusion, I hope you have lots of your crap to sell on home shopping tv, I think you'll be needing it since you blew off easy money.

Or was it your decision to leave? The other girl is quite knowledgeable about the music industry and she doesn't need to keep showing off her pits by clapping over her head all the time. Hmm, maybe it is worth watching now.

Where is she looking? Paula, the camera is over here!

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askcherlock said...

Paula has become a caricature and the show, which I did watch in the early years, has become a wasteland. Too much schitck and too little talent.