Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mary Jo Kopechne Can NOW Rest in Peace!

Mary Jo Kopechne

Mary Jo Kopechne Born: 26-Jul-1940
Birthplace: Forty Fort, PA
Died: 18-Jul-1969
Location of death: Chappaquiddick Island, MA
Cause of death: Accident - Automobile
Remains: Buried, St. Vincent's Cemetery, Larksville, PA

Gender: Female
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Victim

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Dead woman in Ted Kennedy's car

Near midnight on Chappaquiddick Island, a possibly drunk and definitely married Senator Ted Kennedy takes a right turn instead of a left. His car winds up skidding off Dike Bridge and is quickly submerged upside-down in salty Poucha Pond. His passenger, RFK office secretary Mary Jo Kopechne, is knocked into the back seat. Kennedy swims to safety, whereupon he fails to rescue his companion or even simply report the incident to authorities until the following morning.

Because no autopsy is ever performed on Kopechne's body (her body had been promptly whisked out of state) it is uncertain how long it took her to drown, if she wasn't killed on impact. Likewise, it is never established whether Kopechne was pregnant or exhibited signs of recent sexual activity.

Father: Joseph Kopechne (insurance salesman, d. 24-Dec-2003)
Mother: Gwen L. Kopechne (homemaker)

University: Caldwell College for Women, Caldwell, NJ


Anonymous said...

She was definitely not killed on impact. Check out my blog - - for the story. The navy diver who found the body was quite adamant that she could have most likely been saved had Kennedy reported the incident. It's sickening that he never went to prison, much less remained a Senator until his death. I guess the liberals don't wish to speak truth to power on this one.

Dave said...

I know, I grew up in Massachusetts during that incident. People were pissed that he got away with it. It really hit home when they described the scratch marks inside the car as she struggled to stay alive and get out of the car. It's not Conservative or Liberal as to speaking the truth because none of them do. The ones with the power control the powerless through careful manipulation of information. The press isn't as unbiased as many believe it is and is more easily manipulated by the Donkeys or Elephants than people give them credit for. The books are balanced on that now.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit younger - when McCain and Obama both signed on to the initial bailout, that was when I realized we had absolutely no representation. I'm an independent with a healthy distrust for both "parties" and their corporate media minions.
I'm shocked to hear about the scratch marks. I was already shocked to find out what had actually happened to the girl. I had heard about Kennedy's problems - but I never knew the extent of the deceit.
Watching his speech on YouTube, it made my stomach turn. Imagining the poor woman clawing away for her last breath while Teddy was counseled over his political future just makes me want to puke.

Dave said...

That's why I couldn't let today pass without remembering Mary Jo, an innocent victim of politics as usual. The only thing different today from before is that thses 'affairs' are coming out fast and hard, gay and straight, all with politicians and their phoney wives that stand by them. Look at Hillary. Do you think she would be where she is if she divorced Bill? Not a snowballs chance in hell! It's power, position, and social prestige that keeps them together, not love.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it'd be laughable if it weren't so very deadly serious. Keep in touch - I'll definitely check in when I can. I'd kinda reached the point where I was blaming all the BS on the Baby Boomers - but it sounds like you might be the only sane member of that generation I've ever run across :) Then again, I suppose all generations blame the f'd up world they inherited on the morons that went before.

Anonymous said...

Klein: Kennedy Used to Ask People, "Have You Heard Any New Jokes About Chappaquiddick?"

Tanyeno said...

I knew very little about this. The details in my head were pretty sketchy. But now that you bring it to light in all it's detail...that is very, very tragic.

Tricia said...

She died because he was a coward and a subhuman.