Saturday, August 29, 2009

Florida's Governor is Self Serving with Senate Pick!

Governor Charlie Crist(R) has appointed former Deputy Attorney General George LeMieux(R) to replace outgoing State Senator Mel Martinez(R) for a very important reason. What reason is that you say? Is it because he is the one who can serve the needs of the people of Florida the best? Is it because he is a bright, savvy politician who can get his state's way in Congress? Is it because he was the BEST choice of all possible candidates? The answer is a resounding NO! It's because George LeMieux is the person of 'least resistance' to Charlie Crist when he throws his already declared hat into the ring in the next Senatorial election. LeMieux is the one who Crist feels will be an easy push-over against him and will be the LEAST likely to defeat him for the coveted seat in Congress that Geo. W. Bush helped Martinez attain.

Evidently, Crist feels he needs as many advantages as he can muster to win the Senate seat, something I assume he feels he could never do against a real politician that has had a chance to prove themselves in the seat for a few months. Now, that's what I call confidence in one's self!

One last thing I would like people to remember about Gov. Charlie Crist and his level-headed decision making abilities. He's the one, just on the edge of the great economic downfall in Florida where people were losing homes to foreclosure and property was being repossessed and people were at their wits end with frustration and grief, he pushes through a Bill to make it legal to bring a gun to work! What a stroke of shear genius! You get layed off or fired and you get to save all that gas from having to go home and get your gun to return to shoot up the office but changed your mind when you cooled off, but now you can still be hot and go to the car and grab that shotgun or pistol and complete your revenge immediately! Everyone pretty much knows one or so people at work that you would never hope had access to a gun, let alone have one within 50 feet of the building and he pretty much says "Lock and Load Bubba, Git er Done!"! What a guy Gov. Charlie 'Shotgun' Crist is! Is there a state out there that would like an under-experienced Governor who wants to jump past their experience and go right to the Senate? No? Damn!!

Bad politicians make Bad decisions that have a Bad effect on All of us! I hope LeMieux decides to make a good name for himself quickly in the state so he can shut out Crist in the election, which would leave Crist with an unemployment check and a gun in his trunk!

My parting thought is this. Was the State of Florida best served by the Governor of Florida's decision? No, just the Governor was served! When the election comes around I urge all Floridians to SERVE Crist!

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