Saturday, July 25, 2009

Working and The Internet as One

I keep reading about the employment situation and how it's expected to get worse before it gets any better. This is depressing but it's something that will eventually pass, it always does. In the meantime people need to still pay the bills, buy the food, and keep a roof over their heads. There are many people in Clearwater and St. Petersburg Florida that were unable to stay afloat and now live in what's being called Tent City. This isn't something I do very often on this site but there are alternatives to unemployment is you have the desire and will to do something different and become aggressive about earning, and not complaicent. There are companies out on the Internet that can actively direct you to earnings if you have the desire to make money.

There are too many people that want nothing better than to sit back and collect their 50% unemployment checks for the 26 weeks. Try explaining to your next prospective employer why you sat on your butt collecting instead of seeking employment or better yet, working with the Internet (you know, where the future of the majority of businesses will be soon). Working the Internet, I think, is almost as important as going back to school. When you go to school your in an all expense category, no earnings from your time. Why not make that surfing your doing amount to something, like money! Everybody likes money, I like it, you like it, it makes the world go round and keeps us away from Tent City. You can even set up your web site as a small business and let other surfers come to you for their needs. Let's weigh this out in our two hands. In the left - online gaming and in the right - money. Hmmm, that's a no brainer, unless you have no brain!

The prospects are limitless as to what you can provide to your marketplace. Look at the hot items/topics that we are embroiled in right now. We have health insurance in the news, car insurance all over the tv, car loans(especially with the new clunker incentive), life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, the list goes on and on. Why is that? It's because they're all things that we NEED! We have to have them to get by day to day. The banks require home insurance, the DMV requires car insurance, the chronically ill and families with children or elderly require health insurance, and you need a car to get from here to there if public transportation isn't an option. Have I sated it clearly enough? It may look gimmicky but it's reality. No house without it, no car without it, kids require it, you need it, many others need it too! Why can't you cut a piece of the pie for yourself, others do. What if you want to sell things as well on your blog? How are you going to get paid? When you have people send a check they will often think twice and guess what, no check ever comes. If you have credit card services, or provide this service for others to use, then you can strike while the irons hot, so to speak. Impulse buying went off the chart when credit and debit cards came on the scene. Think about what you want to do and how your going to get there then weigh it all out. A roof beats the heck out of a tent.

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