Sunday, July 12, 2009

John McCain Has Become an Official Old Political Coot

I was watching a rebroadcast of Meet the Press with John McCain as a guest discussing the recent Sarah Palin resignation from the Alaska Governorship with David Gregory. Gregory said to McCain, "you don't quit!" to which JM said "I don't think she quit, I think she changed er..". DG next said "she made a promise to the voters to serve out her time" to which JM replied "I don't know if it was a "promise", but I do know that she will be an effective player on the national stage". What bullshit! Has he lost all sense of reality? She resigned so that she can take advantage of things like book deals that would not be available to her as a seated governor to accept. An effective player? She's looking for the highest bidder. I don't blame Levi for getting the heck out of Dodge with the possibility of her as a mother in law. He further went on to regurgitate the election attacks she received, not mentioning the ones she issued. You betcha! He is so blinded by GOP rhetoric that he has lost all touch with his former self. That is so too bad because he was an exceptional politician before he ran against Bush. I believe that McCain's political future is sealed and the best he can hope for is getting re-elected as Senator to Arizona. He may have a surprise or two there as well since his home state went with Obama and not him in the presidential election.

I'll add the link to the whole segment on MSNBC for you to try to swallow but he looks so much like a deer in the headlights that it's sad to see. Here is the Meet the Press link for you.

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