Thursday, July 23, 2009

How To Spend My VISA Giftcard.

I got a VISA giftcard for my birthday and I haven't used it yet. I've been wanting to get a game console but I'm up in the air between the Sony PS3, the Nintendo Wii, and the Microsoft Xbox 360. I know that the Wii system has been getting rave reviews but I've also been seeing the Xbox 360 coming up fast on them. The Sony is a dead sale to me right now because they don't have anything to offer me in the line of price, performance, and games I want to play. I'm a little on the fence on the Wii as well because when I play a video game I don't want to have to always duck, lunge, jump, or pivot amongst other physical duties. I want to sit and concentrate on my game.

I started my research where anyone who knows me will raise their hand at once, on Wiki. I started using Wiki in all it's forms, mostly Wikipedia, for reliable information, as well as some of the game boards. The gaming boards can be a bit one sided I'm finding. It kind of depends on who is advertising heavily on the site to see where their attention is focused, so I read with an open mind on each. The comparisons are rather dramatic between the units and it really depends on what your major gaming focus is and whether you need it to be a DVD player or a gaming console. I can get a DVD player for hundreds less than a Playstation costs.

The games are another big factor. I know a lot of my friends like the sports franchises like Madden, NBA, etc. I, for one, am bored with those. I like the FPS games, you know, First Person Shooter! I want to be the center of the game and get completely immersed into it, not making strategy or who to pass to. I do like ship based adventures as well. I actually replayed Battlestations: Midway a couple of times just to try some different things out to see how it would turn out in the end. I see that Battlestations: Pacific is out now and that's a plus for the Xbox platform for me. They also have Halo3 as well, oh yeah! The drawback to these newer units seems to be heat. The more you continuously play it the warmer it can get, just like a computer. You need to keep the heat in check or you'll see a performance drop in the games. The simple rule that electricity loves the cold and hates the heat is well founded. The cooler the unit, like a computer, the better it will operate. I know I can get an Intercooler that can help dramatically. The intercooler has three strong fans to dissipate damaging heat and keep the console running cool. I wonder if this would work for my laptop as well?
So far I'm leaning towards the Xbox 360 but I still have time for research, the card is still good! I'll let you know what I do, if I can break away from gaming. You know I'll be doing that more than this at that point. Right guys?

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