Monday, July 27, 2009

Cambridge PD Sergeant Crowley is a Patient Man.

I was just thinking about the 'beer date' that President Obama has set up for Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley. In case you've been in a block of ice for the past week or so I'll reiterate what happened in short form. A neighbor's employee called the Cambridge Massachusetts Police Dept and reported what she described as two men, possibly Hispanic, trying to gain entrance to a neighbors house through the front door. The police arrived (Sgt. Crowley) and words were exchanged and Id's weren't and Prof. Gates went to jail for Disorderly Conduct, charges that were later dropped when cooler heads prevailed. If Prof. Gates had shown his Id when initially asked he would have had a brief exchange with the police and they would have been gone quickly. The problem started when the president stuck his nose where it should not have gone. He jumped to the conclusion that the police were in the wrong and "acted stupidly" in arresting Prof. Gates, because he is Black. So what if he's Black, I wouldn't care if he was yellow, red, green, whatever. The point is that the police were responding to a call about two men who were allegedly breaking into a home owned by Harvard University, one of the bigger employers in Cambridge. They had no idea if these men were even armed! I don't envy what they do and I know they do a lot, I had a father who was a Police Sergeant in Cambridge and a brother who is a Patrolman there. There are areas of Cambridge where many officers need to respond to a call in a particular area, instead of one officer, when calls come in. It's not all Ivy covered buildings and carefree students strolling in the Quad in Harvard Square. These guys NEVER know what is waiting for them when they respond and Gates needs to have some appreciation of the people that serve the community where he lives, the tool! Just because your a professor doesn't mean your intelligent! They are there to PROTECT HIM and HIS POSSESSIONS! Cambridge is a richly diverse city and racially motivated cops don't last and aren't tolerated on the force by their peers.

Back to the short point I WAS going to make. I think the example Obama is trying to make sends the wrong signal to the youth in America. He's essentially telling them to settle their differences by means of alcohol. Is he telling America as a whole that's what he personally does under stress? I hope not, I'd hate to see my vote wasted. I think a better suggestion would have been to have them to the White House for lunch. Do we have to foot the bill for getting them there and back as well as the beer?

One last point. I think Sergeant Crowley has been a stand up guy for putting up with all the unfair ridicule he has received in the national spotlight. I guess that nobody actually saw the picture of Gates in handcuffs on his porch with the Black police officer in front of him. Maybe he's the racist! President Obama, the last people you want to start pointing negative fingers at are the men and women of the nations law enforcement departments. They go from the meter readers to the people that guard you and your family's lives. Think twice, ask twice, speak once!

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