Friday, June 26, 2009

Who Gets the Most Attention? The Criminal.

The Farrah Fawcett slow march to the inevitable conclusion was a heart-breaker. Why? She was a decent human being who just wanted to live and anal cancer would not let go of her. It's sad to say but it happens too often, good people taken for no apparent logic. That's what makes the world go round I'm afraid. One big crap-shoot of life and if you fail to ride the wave when you have it the wave will pass you by, never to return as the same wave. That sounds dopey but kind of true. Enjoy life while your alive and not wait for the end to be in site to think about it. She tried and she, unfortunately, died and will be missed. Rest in Peace Farrah.

On the other hand, who over-shadowed the passing of Farrah but a child molester. I'm not sorry to say it because if Michael Jackson was never wealthy he would be in a prison right now probably being passed around the cell-block because he molested children. Aside from informers, child rapists do not fare well inside ANY prison anywhere on Gods green earth. When you look back upon the past you see millions of dollars in settlement money being handed out to scumbag parents that placed their children in his bed, literally! When they felt enough exposure had taken place they file a complaint and take the payoff, probably figuring that their kid (son) would be too young to remember the sexual assault they allowed Jackson to make. I know if a person is legally innocent of a crime they can, in a great majority of situations, be acquitted with lack of evidence to a crime and unsubstantiated testimony that is inconsistent. Why make huge payments for a false accusation? Maybe because they're not false! Next question should be "Why weren't the parents of subsequent 'exposed' boys held on criminal charges?". The answer? The settlements were too attractive to pass up and when the cases are settled there is no statement of guilt applied to the sex offender, AKA The King of Pop!

In conclusion, Jackson went the way of Elvis. Their entourages supplied them with drugs and led to the eventual termination of both their lives. While I am writing this, 'doctor' who called 911 and said there was a doctor 'on scene' is still AWOL, MIA, On the Run! Has anyone tried calling his office? It's listed as Dr. Demerol at the Jackson Neverland Ranch.

MJ's personal physician's final dealing with Michael. He found MJ in an unconscious state on his bed WITH A WEAK PULSE. He stated that he started CPR ON THE BED because it was a firm mattress, instead of the hard floor which would not allow compression loss. He realized that he was getting nowhere fast and could not find a land-line phone anywhere or a cell phone (who doesn't carry a cell phone today? I guess a certain doctor.) in order to call 911. He stopped compressions and went downstairs to get a security man and went back upstairs with him and called 911. He resumed CPR on MJ on the bed again. Paramedics arrived and he left with the ambulance to the hospital and worked with ER doctors till the time they called the end. Doesn't add up to me, maybe it does to you. There is also a rumor running around that LaToya went to the house looking for the alleged bags of cash Michael was supposed to be hiding there. This has not be substantiated yet but there is a huge fight brewing amongst family members for control of the estate. Kinda like flies to fresh garbage.

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