Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's Going On Out There?

I'm going to spot some news items that I've been reading about lately and see if I can make some sense out of them. I make no promises!

David Carradine? WTF! Auto-erotic sex acts in a Bangkok hotel room closet? I may be slow but I don't think he went to Bangkok for just a movie and I doubt very much if he was alone. I read court papers that were on The Smoking Gun regarding "incestuous bahavior" that was confirmed by both David and the young female relative. Neither party sought to end the relationship according to David's ex-wife. This is on court records.

GM sued by the Lemonheads for using one of their songs without permission (not paying).
I have one question. Who the hell are the Lemonheads?

North Korea, the land where its' people are starving to death and live on the dirt, launched 2 missles and detonated an underground nuclear devise. Boy, I'm glad they had enough weapons sale money to pay for that! God forbid they'd want to feed a few people instead. Kim Jong Il needs a serious Time Out!

George Morales of New York City is in a lot of trouble and is responsible for many unpaid parking tickets to his minivan that was parked under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass. It has not been decided whether he would have to pay for the tickets due to the fact that he was dead in the van at the time all tickets were written. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, whether your dead or not, in New York City. A city marshal discovered the weeks old corpse when they attempted to tow the minivan away to an impound yard. My respects and condolences to the family but didn't any of the ticketing officers notice the smell of decomposing flesh, or does NYC always smell that sweet?

Jon and Kate Plus 8. 100% garbage! They should call this Nazi Octomom has a Klingon! What a bitch she is and what a whimp of a man he is. They've summed it up pretty well. It's the kids! NO, IT'S THE CASH! Idiots, just like an Octomom show. Where does the garbage end? BTW, don't get me started on the now millionaire Octomom who lets the bank take her mother's house in foreclosure. I think the pimp doctor that gave her all the embryos should pony up some cash for the real victims here, her parents and the kids. None of them asked for her mental incapacity and we sure as hell didn't. You want to end this junk on TV? Don't watch it and it'll go away, I promise!

Back to David Carradine. His family wants the FBI to investigate his death. Are they as stupid as David? The FBI is a US Govt agency, not Thai! The only thing they have legal access to will be his body - post autopsy!

Sandra Bullock wants us to see her naked body. Pass! She looks too much like a transsexual dude. Jesse James, she's all yours. PLEASE!

Detroit named as the Most Dangerous City in the country. Tell me something I don't know.

Memphis, TN is the second Most Dangerous City. Say it ain't so! The home of the best dry rub ribs! It'll get better I hope.

Mercedes-Benz Smart fortwo came in as the least expensive car to insure. Doesn't matter because the price is probably around $50,000 base anyways. It's a Benz.

The Best credit card to carry: Discover® Motiva
The Worst credit card to have: Macy's Card

How to block UV w/o chemicals: Wear a big hat, long sleeve shirts, long pants, closed shoes, gloves and a Michael Jackson life mask! That about sums it up.

Star Trek 2009. I'm still out on this and a little pissed as well. I watched the original series as a kid through Star Trek Enterprise (which I actually liked) and now they want me to forget it ever happened in order to start a new money grab franchise for the newest generation of Trekkers, Trekkies, whatever. No, I think they need to go back in time in the next movie and undo everything they F'd up in this one so all the older shows still hold up. Do like everyone else since you've gone backwards like everyone elses films. Remaking some of the classics would be great but giving closure to Next Generation and Voyager would be nice for die-hard fans and as far as Deep Space Nine? I won't mention it if you don't!

I think I've covered quite enough and slapped enough of the morons who deserved it. One last thing though. What's the big deal over Megan Fox? Monica Bellucci is a real woman, not a surgically enhanced one!

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