Monday, June 29, 2009

The Vigil Continues.

You may not agree, or even like, what your about to read but there are 2 sides to every story and this is the other side that no one openly wants to discuss - yet. The documents at the end of this article are real court documents and not a parody. We've all seen him going to court but many have never seen the detailed allegations. The mother of the boy in question in these documents, in my opinion, should have been horse whipped for what she put her son through. The boys father has custody of him currently. When I finished reading this young boys account of what happened to him I felt physically ill and angry at the same time and could not understand how this could continue and continue over and over again without just punishment.

Now the article...

The vigil continues and Michael Jackson is still dead. Young boys across the nation are breathing a sigh of relief as there fear of being raped by the 'King of Pop(rocks)' diminishes daily. When the respectful oratories and lauds finally taper off then we may speak openly of his debasement of innocent young boys and how he was able to buy his way out of jail but put himself in debt so deep that there was no light in the foreseeable future. The light he should have been seeing is the light from inside of a prison for major sex offenders. I'm saying it and many others are too, he was a person of great musical talent who was also a sexual deviant with very young and innocent boys. I have attached below a court filing detailing one of Mr. Jackson's child rape scenarios (sorry, no other word for it). I do feel bad that Michael never got to see what being raped was like as he never made it to prison where he would be fondly received, and received, and received. The documents below are republished from the Smoking Gun and the link to their article is: Jacko

Click on documents to enlarge for easier reading.

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