Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Rants, Old Subjects to Put to Bed!

I'm getting tired of hearing the same garbage from the same idiots in the news. Okay, where shall I start. I guess today I have but 2 rants to toss into the garbage can.

1. Sarah Palin (Was that her in Who's Nailin' Paylin? She did 1 thing right I see) and her blessed brood. Didn't her daughter do some spots on abstinence? Isn't she the unwed mother in the Palin family who should have taken her own advice and since she didn't, why should anyone else? I digress, I'm sorry. That's right, Dave Letterman also said he was sorry for poking fun at a PUBLIC family. That's right Sarah, you gave up you privacy rights when you actually thought you were a legitimate national politician and not a dog with lipstick on, and high-heeled shoes too (those painful paws). Yes, Dave told a joke, that was written by a team of writers, that was off the mark. So what! It was a joke that didn't go over. He isn't Lenny Bruce or Dice Clay you know, he's Dave. Get over it. You lost so it's time you got back to killing turkeys and wolves which is far better than telling an off color joke, in your sick and twisted mind. GROW UP you wanna be big-time hack! We have enough IMPORTANT problems to worry about than hearing that someone picked on your kid with a joke nobody would have remembered 5 mins later, until you brought it up! 2012 has nothing to offer you since the GOP is trying to distance themselves from you, in case you haven't noticed. You know, I'll bet you didn't notice.

I think I digressed again, sorry.

Believe it or not my biggest peeve of the year concerns the American consumer, not all by any means, just a minority. You ready? Here it is.

2. The switch to Digital TV! What a bunch of slack-jawed morons that claimed that they never heard over a years worth of notifications about the switch to the television signal that Europe has enjoyed for a long time now. Why we're still BEHIND Europe is still a mystery to me but that's another rant for the future. My point is this. Why have a small group (a few million I'm told) of people held this up for so long? If they claim, as they do so very fervently, that they never knew about the switch, I guess they don't use a TV and shouldn't be affected by it. The coupons have been available for a long time, since before the last proposed switch date and I ended up with 2. I'm giving one away and using the other for a portable TV I use during hurricanes. I guess I was watching TV at the right time, and reading the papers and magazines at the right times too. IDIOTS, MORONS, and FOOLS. How a minority of the population can control the majority, in a majority rules country, is astounding. I say they should have held a date and stuck by it. What happened when they were in school and showed up for a test they weren't prepared for? They'd take the failing grade if the teacher had stones and held to the rules EVERYONE was held to. If you're not ready for the switch, TOO BAD FOR YOU! Why should the rest of us that have been ready and STILL waiting wait any longer for slackers to catch up. You people make this country weak!

Okay, I feel better now. We'll see what happens tomorrow when the switch takes place. I'll bet you'll hear the roar of the wild jackass on the TV news telling us how they didn't have enough time!

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