Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations Al Franken

Congratulations to the newest "Official" senator from the dumb-ass state of Minnesota. This guy went through almost 8 months of ridiculous squabbling from the GOP side of the state's political base while they tried to negate his win over the use of absentee ballots and how they were handled. The bottom line is that the GOP did not want Franken seated because his vote along with those of two other independent senators would cancel the Republican Party's ability to instigate a filibuster in Congress. These three votes would be able to stop any such campaign to stall Democratic initiatives, legislative sessions, and law making ability by not allowing normal 'business' to continue until they relinquish the floor. Today's announcement by the Minnesota Supreme Court ordering the Governor(GOP) and the Minnesota Congress to validate Franken's senatorial position, will be postponed until next week since they are on the July 4 recess. Talk about crying, and kicking, over spilled milk. They were ready to validate the Republican nominee immediately but have made Franken appeal to the states highest court to force the Governor of Minnesota and it's Congress to immediately correct this situation. Dumb-ass state! I hope Franken makes them regret their indiscretions.

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