Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations Al Franken

Congratulations to the newest "Official" senator from the dumb-ass state of Minnesota. This guy went through almost 8 months of ridiculous squabbling from the GOP side of the state's political base while they tried to negate his win over the use of absentee ballots and how they were handled. The bottom line is that the GOP did not want Franken seated because his vote along with those of two other independent senators would cancel the Republican Party's ability to instigate a filibuster in Congress. These three votes would be able to stop any such campaign to stall Democratic initiatives, legislative sessions, and law making ability by not allowing normal 'business' to continue until they relinquish the floor. Today's announcement by the Minnesota Supreme Court ordering the Governor(GOP) and the Minnesota Congress to validate Franken's senatorial position, will be postponed until next week since they are on the July 4 recess. Talk about crying, and kicking, over spilled milk. They were ready to validate the Republican nominee immediately but have made Franken appeal to the states highest court to force the Governor of Minnesota and it's Congress to immediately correct this situation. Dumb-ass state! I hope Franken makes them regret their indiscretions.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Vigil Continues.

You may not agree, or even like, what your about to read but there are 2 sides to every story and this is the other side that no one openly wants to discuss - yet. The documents at the end of this article are real court documents and not a parody. We've all seen him going to court but many have never seen the detailed allegations. The mother of the boy in question in these documents, in my opinion, should have been horse whipped for what she put her son through. The boys father has custody of him currently. When I finished reading this young boys account of what happened to him I felt physically ill and angry at the same time and could not understand how this could continue and continue over and over again without just punishment.

Now the article...

The vigil continues and Michael Jackson is still dead. Young boys across the nation are breathing a sigh of relief as there fear of being raped by the 'King of Pop(rocks)' diminishes daily. When the respectful oratories and lauds finally taper off then we may speak openly of his debasement of innocent young boys and how he was able to buy his way out of jail but put himself in debt so deep that there was no light in the foreseeable future. The light he should have been seeing is the light from inside of a prison for major sex offenders. I'm saying it and many others are too, he was a person of great musical talent who was also a sexual deviant with very young and innocent boys. I have attached below a court filing detailing one of Mr. Jackson's child rape scenarios (sorry, no other word for it). I do feel bad that Michael never got to see what being raped was like as he never made it to prison where he would be fondly received, and received, and received. The documents below are republished from the Smoking Gun and the link to their article is: Jacko

Click on documents to enlarge for easier reading.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Picture Can Say TOO Many Words.

W T F!

RIP Billy Mays

TAMPA, Florida (BNO NEWS) -- Television pitchman Billy Mays — who built his fame by appearing on commercials and infomercials promoting household products and gadgets -- was found dead inside his Tampa, Florida residence on Sunday morning, police officials told BNO News. He was 50-years-old.

Mays was found unresponsive in his bed by his wife and was pronounced dead by Tampa Fire and Rescue at 7.45 a.m. local time. "There are no signs of forced entry to the residence and no foul play is suspected," Lt. Brian Dugan of the Tampa Police Department said. The Medical Examiner's Office is expected to complete the autopsy on Mays' body by Monday afternoon.

"Although Billy lived a public life, we don't anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days," Billy Mays' wife, Deborah, said. "Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times," she added.

"My dad didn't wake up this morning," Bill Mays' son wrote on his personal Twitter account. "He's gone. I'm gonna be strong for him. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers everyone."

On Saturday, Mays was on board the U.S. Airways passenger plane which made a hard landing at Tampa International Airport. No one was injured in the accident, according to airport officials. Lt. Brian Dugan called it "pure speculation" to say if his death was related to the plane incident.

"Just had a close call landing in Tampa," he wrote in his last Twitter update. There is no word on the possible cause of death.

Story courtesy of BNO News(http://news.bnonews.com/h2cb)


It was later learned that Mr. Mays had been struck in the head when the tires in the front landing gear blew out on his arrival at Tampa Intl Airport(TIA) Saturday. Initially, Mr. Mays had indicated that he was alright but what may have happened later may have be ghostly reminder of Natasha Richardson's injury and later death. Addendum

It is currently known that Billy Mays had heart disease and was ruled the cause of his untimely passing. It is not known at this time if he was previously aware of this condition even though he was scheduled for hip replacement surgery on the Monday following his death.

Last but not least a humorous video Billy did locally (Tampa) for the MJ in the Morning radio show at McDonalds in typical Billy Mays fashion. Enjoy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Who Gets the Most Attention? The Criminal.

The Farrah Fawcett slow march to the inevitable conclusion was a heart-breaker. Why? She was a decent human being who just wanted to live and anal cancer would not let go of her. It's sad to say but it happens too often, good people taken for no apparent logic. That's what makes the world go round I'm afraid. One big crap-shoot of life and if you fail to ride the wave when you have it the wave will pass you by, never to return as the same wave. That sounds dopey but kind of true. Enjoy life while your alive and not wait for the end to be in site to think about it. She tried and she, unfortunately, died and will be missed. Rest in Peace Farrah.

On the other hand, who over-shadowed the passing of Farrah but a child molester. I'm not sorry to say it because if Michael Jackson was never wealthy he would be in a prison right now probably being passed around the cell-block because he molested children. Aside from informers, child rapists do not fare well inside ANY prison anywhere on Gods green earth. When you look back upon the past you see millions of dollars in settlement money being handed out to scumbag parents that placed their children in his bed, literally! When they felt enough exposure had taken place they file a complaint and take the payoff, probably figuring that their kid (son) would be too young to remember the sexual assault they allowed Jackson to make. I know if a person is legally innocent of a crime they can, in a great majority of situations, be acquitted with lack of evidence to a crime and unsubstantiated testimony that is inconsistent. Why make huge payments for a false accusation? Maybe because they're not false! Next question should be "Why weren't the parents of subsequent 'exposed' boys held on criminal charges?". The answer? The settlements were too attractive to pass up and when the cases are settled there is no statement of guilt applied to the sex offender, AKA The King of Pop!

In conclusion, Jackson went the way of Elvis. Their entourages supplied them with drugs and led to the eventual termination of both their lives. While I am writing this, 'doctor' who called 911 and said there was a doctor 'on scene' is still AWOL, MIA, On the Run! Has anyone tried calling his office? It's listed as Dr. Demerol at the Jackson Neverland Ranch.

MJ's personal physician's final dealing with Michael. He found MJ in an unconscious state on his bed WITH A WEAK PULSE. He stated that he started CPR ON THE BED because it was a firm mattress, instead of the hard floor which would not allow compression loss. He realized that he was getting nowhere fast and could not find a land-line phone anywhere or a cell phone (who doesn't carry a cell phone today? I guess a certain doctor.) in order to call 911. He stopped compressions and went downstairs to get a security man and went back upstairs with him and called 911. He resumed CPR on MJ on the bed again. Paramedics arrived and he left with the ambulance to the hospital and worked with ER doctors till the time they called the end. Doesn't add up to me, maybe it does to you. There is also a rumor running around that LaToya went to the house looking for the alleged bags of cash Michael was supposed to be hiding there. This has not be substantiated yet but there is a huge fight brewing amongst family members for control of the estate. Kinda like flies to fresh garbage.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bought New Tires? Maybe You Didn't!

ABC News has done and in-depth investigation regarding tire safety and how it corelates to how old a tire really is. Many retailers, and obviously wholesalers who supply the retailers, are selling tires that could be as old as 13 years. Since the tires have not been mounted or driven on it was felt that they were still 'NEW'. They're not! Tires older than 6 years could possibly have drying issues that could potentially cause the belts to separate from the tire causing a catastrophic incident on the road. Several deaths have been attributed to this tire condition. The American consumer, it is believed, are the only ones that were not aware of this. British consumers were made aware of it a while back. The link below has the video story from ABC News.

Click HERE for old tires!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Jersey Doesn't Need Her Help.

The Bravo TV show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" sure picked a loo-loo when they selected 46 year old Danielle Staub (AKA Beverly Ann Merrill, AKA Angela Minelli). Why the Also Known As references? Maybe it was due to the cocaine trafficking, or the kidnapping case, or for being an informer(flipping) after her arrest, or maybe the prostitution history. Hmmmm, so many facets of a sweet, typical, run of the mill New Jersey girl. I hope not, for New Jersey's female population. If I were a woman in Jersey I'd be screaming mad at Bravo for portraying her as a stand out Jersey woman. Her criminal history is so convoluted that I don't want to get any facts incorrectly stated. I guess that blow-up they had on the program was well founded. Cheers to the brave woman who confronted this villainous piece of trash. The story can be found, in it's court documented entirety at this link to The Smoking Gun. Very interesting reading! Enjoy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

FoodTV Network Chefs(?) Think We're Stupid!

I guess that being a cook on television is more important to some people than actually preparing food safely and cooking food properly. I'm going to put links to the hazards of raw chicken, specifically the germs, where the germs are mentioned. The links are for Wikipedia articles and not anything I have authored.

My 2 cases in point are :

1. Aida Mollenkamp from Ask Aida. Aside from being a ripoff idea from a Network Food TV Star show runner-up that got a travel food show (which I really like, he's good) she is boring, a llama would be more entertaining and informative. When it comes to food safety however, I have to make that point known when health issues are thrown away. Let me point out that I'm not writing this because I'm anal or a pain in the butt because it's cool or anything like that. I've gone to food safety school(ServSafe) and have been certified, and still am, in proper, legal food handling. This means that I've gotten to see where Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes grow in a kitchen or food service area. According to both Aida AND Robin Miller, it doesn't happen with chicken because they both don't feel the need to wash a potentially bacteria laden chicken before handling and preparing it. Don't poo-poo the above 'germs' because Salmonella is very bad and Listeria is extremely bad. It's not just the raw bird, it's also how it's handled and how clean they are as well. Washing the chicken will not kill bacteria but it will prevent affected 'juices' from spreading on, around, and under kitchen surfaces. When the chicken is washed the hands are getting rinsed as well, even though you really should have plastic gloves on with raw birds but that isn't always an option at home. At least tell home cooks to wash their hands, preferably with an anti-bacterial soap, after handling the raw bird! Dirty hands are one way Listeria can get around and hide in a kitchen. I went into a WalMart store once and the entire Deli dept was closed down due to finding Listeria under a prep table, that's how important it is. Walmart does deal with raw poultry for its rotisserie chickens without washing because the birds are pre-seasoned and kept below minimum temps while holding. The employees are required to be gloved at all times and covered where raw chicken could come into contact with them. This is the legal way to do it. Why be legal if it isn't very important for food safety? They also sanitize the prep areas thoroughly once the chickens are done. No, I don't work for them but I have seen them do it and apply a Quat sanitizer when the room is done being scrubbed. The low holding temps are the only exception to not pre-washing a raw chicken. A kitchen counter exposed to anything in the air, on the counter, or on the cook(hands, nose, skin, eyes, hair, etc.) at room temperature is hardly a controlled raw meat area! BTW, I wrote to Ask Aida and brought this to their attention and never even got an acknowledgment or a correction mentioned to inform their viewers about the dangers of raw meat and bacteria. I was not looking for credit for anything or seeking any mention of me. Just tell your viewers the truth, that's all. Don't let them get sick, or worse, from a script omission.

2. Robin Miller from Quick Fix Meals. Maybe I should say Quick Sick Meals instead! My wife was watched her take a raw chicken from the package and say NOT to wash it because it will leave bacteria in your sink! DUH! She'd rather leave the bacteria on everything it touches and on the chicken I guess but don't make the sink ill! How stupid can people be. Viewers rely on these people to give them reliable and safe advice and here are these two clowns telling people that raw chicken is perfectly safe, so long as you don't get your sink sick. Emeril always said to wash the chicken, and still does on Martha's network, what does he know! What about the people that happen to eat that one piece of chicken that never made it over the temperature danger zone for a long enough time and the bacteria is still alive. Ever see a little blood near a chicken bone? You guessed it! When chicken is cooked properly the juices should run clear. I never hear that any more fro the chefs, except for Alton Brown. That man is trustworthy to cook by because he will take the time to explain kitchen safety in the middle of prep work.

In summary, don't waste a minute of your time with these people. They will make you sick and they just don't care. I tried to find an email to FoodNetwork but it all seems to go to the shows and ScripsNetworks only had a snail-mail address. I did try to get through but Aida evidently wants praise only email.

Okay Aida,

Your show is the Best, Unsafe, and Boring show on TV! Congrats!

ps. Have some dirty undercooked chicken and show us how you feel later.

A final thought, or rather observation of something I watched on Discovery, or the Learning Channel. One of them. How chickens are handled at the packing plant. There were two ways, at the time, they were plucked, gutted and stored. They used to dip the bird in hot water to loosen the feathers for plucking then a machine would reach up inside and gut them. Think about this part. One arm reaching and gutting how many birds in a day without cleaning between birds? Then they used to go into a cold(hopefully) water bath to rinse then onward to packaging. I believe they replaced the water bath with cold air because they were finding that Salmonella was being spread to unaffected chickens through the water and equipment. How about that? What do you know? Aida and Robin better get crackin' and correct them that it could never happen cause 'they say so'!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Rants, Old Subjects to Put to Bed!

I'm getting tired of hearing the same garbage from the same idiots in the news. Okay, where shall I start. I guess today I have but 2 rants to toss into the garbage can.

1. Sarah Palin (Was that her in Who's Nailin' Paylin? She did 1 thing right I see) and her blessed brood. Didn't her daughter do some spots on abstinence? Isn't she the unwed mother in the Palin family who should have taken her own advice and since she didn't, why should anyone else? I digress, I'm sorry. That's right, Dave Letterman also said he was sorry for poking fun at a PUBLIC family. That's right Sarah, you gave up you privacy rights when you actually thought you were a legitimate national politician and not a dog with lipstick on, and high-heeled shoes too (those painful paws). Yes, Dave told a joke, that was written by a team of writers, that was off the mark. So what! It was a joke that didn't go over. He isn't Lenny Bruce or Dice Clay you know, he's Dave. Get over it. You lost so it's time you got back to killing turkeys and wolves which is far better than telling an off color joke, in your sick and twisted mind. GROW UP you wanna be big-time hack! We have enough IMPORTANT problems to worry about than hearing that someone picked on your kid with a joke nobody would have remembered 5 mins later, until you brought it up! 2012 has nothing to offer you since the GOP is trying to distance themselves from you, in case you haven't noticed. You know, I'll bet you didn't notice.

I think I digressed again, sorry.

Believe it or not my biggest peeve of the year concerns the American consumer, not all by any means, just a minority. You ready? Here it is.

2. The switch to Digital TV! What a bunch of slack-jawed morons that claimed that they never heard over a years worth of notifications about the switch to the television signal that Europe has enjoyed for a long time now. Why we're still BEHIND Europe is still a mystery to me but that's another rant for the future. My point is this. Why have a small group (a few million I'm told) of people held this up for so long? If they claim, as they do so very fervently, that they never knew about the switch, I guess they don't use a TV and shouldn't be affected by it. The coupons have been available for a long time, since before the last proposed switch date and I ended up with 2. I'm giving one away and using the other for a portable TV I use during hurricanes. I guess I was watching TV at the right time, and reading the papers and magazines at the right times too. IDIOTS, MORONS, and FOOLS. How a minority of the population can control the majority, in a majority rules country, is astounding. I say they should have held a date and stuck by it. What happened when they were in school and showed up for a test they weren't prepared for? They'd take the failing grade if the teacher had stones and held to the rules EVERYONE was held to. If you're not ready for the switch, TOO BAD FOR YOU! Why should the rest of us that have been ready and STILL waiting wait any longer for slackers to catch up. You people make this country weak!

Okay, I feel better now. We'll see what happens tomorrow when the switch takes place. I'll bet you'll hear the roar of the wild jackass on the TV news telling us how they didn't have enough time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dealing with Smart Avatars

Let's lighten it up a bit, shall we?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's Going On Out There?

I'm going to spot some news items that I've been reading about lately and see if I can make some sense out of them. I make no promises!

David Carradine? WTF! Auto-erotic sex acts in a Bangkok hotel room closet? I may be slow but I don't think he went to Bangkok for just a movie and I doubt very much if he was alone. I read court papers that were on The Smoking Gun regarding "incestuous bahavior" that was confirmed by both David and the young female relative. Neither party sought to end the relationship according to David's ex-wife. This is on court records.

GM sued by the Lemonheads for using one of their songs without permission (not paying).
I have one question. Who the hell are the Lemonheads?

North Korea, the land where its' people are starving to death and live on the dirt, launched 2 missles and detonated an underground nuclear devise. Boy, I'm glad they had enough weapons sale money to pay for that! God forbid they'd want to feed a few people instead. Kim Jong Il needs a serious Time Out!

George Morales of New York City is in a lot of trouble and is responsible for many unpaid parking tickets to his minivan that was parked under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass. It has not been decided whether he would have to pay for the tickets due to the fact that he was dead in the van at the time all tickets were written. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, whether your dead or not, in New York City. A city marshal discovered the weeks old corpse when they attempted to tow the minivan away to an impound yard. My respects and condolences to the family but didn't any of the ticketing officers notice the smell of decomposing flesh, or does NYC always smell that sweet?

Jon and Kate Plus 8. 100% garbage! They should call this Nazi Octomom has a Klingon! What a bitch she is and what a whimp of a man he is. They've summed it up pretty well. It's the kids! NO, IT'S THE CASH! Idiots, just like an Octomom show. Where does the garbage end? BTW, don't get me started on the now millionaire Octomom who lets the bank take her mother's house in foreclosure. I think the pimp doctor that gave her all the embryos should pony up some cash for the real victims here, her parents and the kids. None of them asked for her mental incapacity and we sure as hell didn't. You want to end this junk on TV? Don't watch it and it'll go away, I promise!

Back to David Carradine. His family wants the FBI to investigate his death. Are they as stupid as David? The FBI is a US Govt agency, not Thai! The only thing they have legal access to will be his body - post autopsy!

Sandra Bullock wants us to see her naked body. Pass! She looks too much like a transsexual dude. Jesse James, she's all yours. PLEASE!

Detroit named as the Most Dangerous City in the country. Tell me something I don't know.

Memphis, TN is the second Most Dangerous City. Say it ain't so! The home of the best dry rub ribs! It'll get better I hope.

Mercedes-Benz Smart fortwo came in as the least expensive car to insure. Doesn't matter because the price is probably around $50,000 base anyways. It's a Benz.

The Best credit card to carry: Discover® Motiva
The Worst credit card to have: Macy's Card

How to block UV w/o chemicals: Wear a big hat, long sleeve shirts, long pants, closed shoes, gloves and a Michael Jackson life mask! That about sums it up.

Star Trek 2009. I'm still out on this and a little pissed as well. I watched the original series as a kid through Star Trek Enterprise (which I actually liked) and now they want me to forget it ever happened in order to start a new money grab franchise for the newest generation of Trekkers, Trekkies, whatever. No, I think they need to go back in time in the next movie and undo everything they F'd up in this one so all the older shows still hold up. Do like everyone else since you've gone backwards like everyone elses films. Remaking some of the classics would be great but giving closure to Next Generation and Voyager would be nice for die-hard fans and as far as Deep Space Nine? I won't mention it if you don't!

I think I've covered quite enough and slapped enough of the morons who deserved it. One last thing though. What's the big deal over Megan Fox? Monica Bellucci is a real woman, not a surgically enhanced one!

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