Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dick Cheney vs. Colon Powell

This is a beaut! I heard Dick Cheney actually say that he thought that Colon Powell was a Democrat and the Rush Limbaugh was the man to head the Republican Party. Dick Cheney was deferred 5 times from military service. This war criminal has only picked up a gun for sport and shot his alleged friend in the face with a shotgun but never in defense of his piggy-bank. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? That's ridiculous! I guess it's for the best since at that range he should have blown off a large portion of the judge's head but only managed to give him superficial wounds. I guess he did save soldiers lives by NOT serving the nation he financially benefited from. Haliburton must have a hell of a politician retirement fund for all those tasty contracts they got. Did I just hear somebody say offshore bank accounts and dummy corporations? How about majorly(a word?) huge consulting fees for services not rendered. Note to I.R.S.: Look at Cheney trust funds. I could go on but I digress.

To actually besmirch Colon Powell's name by diminishing his lengthy military and political accomplishments, serving as Secretary of State in a Republican administration(placed and approved by Republicans like Cheney), and his tenacity and guts to endorse a person he felt would serve the nation better, regardless of his political party. Powell knew he would take a lot of heat by going against his party but isn't that what America is all about?

Free Speech (what keeps Rush talking) and the right to make your own choices (who better serves the nation and it's people). Powell didn't get to be a general in the United States Army because he's black, he got it because he's very intelligent and a savvy tactician. It took guts to do what he did and have to put up with a war criminal calling him a turn-coat. What about all those other Republicans that now call themselves Democrats? The Republican Party needs to get their collective heads out of each others arses and see the American people want less punch and more achievement from their elected representatives. They think that being moderate is a sin? If they were to take stock and ask former party members what they want they may be stunned.

I used to be a firm Republican, since I was old enough to vote, but things that I saw going on, without forethought on how they would effect the country, turned me away. I liked Dick Nixon! He was a delusional paranoid but also an open book. We knew he was whacked but they all are! Reagan gave me a strange taste in my throat and the Bush's turned me off completely. Even George Jr. couldn't believe he was re-elected, great confidence in one's own abilities and past deeds. Oh yeah, Gerald Ford was a President too! How could I have forgotten him? Gerald The Tumbler!
My point is that everyone has the RIGHT to question their government and when that RIGHT is not allowed to be questioned it's time for change, before laws are changed to benefit the few and challenge the many. I saw Homeland Security put in place in the aftermath of 9/11 with powers that could have given the former Gestapo a run for their money, in scope and authority but it was poorly executed and training was not apparent in the people used. I heard no complaints in the media on this and when wiretapping became fashionable to allow. Tell the people that it will stop terroists and they will let you listen in to all. Hmmm, cattle drives come to mind here.

I've spouted long enough, it's up to you, the American's to make up your own minds freely. Don't go by radio or television opinions, know who backs the news programs and newspapers(that are still in print) for their ulterior motivations. I particularly like BBC and NPR for my news because they tend to be non-biased(as much as non-biased can be) and I like to believe that there is ALWAYS a second side to every story. I'm old enough to decide the better version from the fluff. Rush Limbaugh? It's like Howard Stern and Bubba The Love Sponge, if you don't want to listen to them just change the channel. People listen to controversial media in order to get upset and that's just plain dumb!


politicus said...

Hey! Does your use of COLON Powell has anything to do with a subliminal desire to give DICK a sulfuric acid enema?

Dave said...

Nah! His insides are so rotted away from all his hatreds that sulfuric acid would only serve to cool his issues. lol
Oh yeah! I just got a personal invitation to go hunting with Dick Cheney in Desolation, Alaska. Maybe it would be best to try to sell it on Ebay! ;)