Friday, April 3, 2009

What is Wrong With National Health in America? Besides Profits!

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I don't know if it's as bad as the pundits say it is. One side will always declare an emergency, of course it's one brought on by the other side. By sides I refer to our petty political system that we have currently in this country, the once Good Ol' USA! Don't get me wrong, I love my country and would fight to keep it free but the powers that 'were' have put us in a precarious position where we may need to adopt some of the more nationalistic (some say Socialistic) methods of taking care of our countrymen, and women! National health is one thing that we desperately need in this country. I know MANY people, including myself, who have job shopped and put money second only to benefits. Benefits means health insurance and retirement account opportunities.

We do not have an adequate system to care for our fellow Americans. We have abject poverty and desperate families praying for good health to follow them because they cannot afford health care. Our own people are suffering and we call ourselves Americans? Look at the United Kingdom (Parliamentary Government, not Socialist or Communist), look at Australia (Parliamentary Government, not Socialist or Communist), look at Canada (Parliamentary Government, not Socialist or Communist), look at, well the list goes on. Non of these major nations have fallen to Socialism but have extrapolated inherent ideas from them and tweaked them to work in a Democratic Government where leaders are voted in with open elections, just like the U.S. Here's an interesting segue? So why are our citizens compelled to abuse drugs and alcohol without immediate treatment to eliminate the addiction? An outlet maybe or is it a feeling of boredom and being left out. We do have alcohol treatment centers, drug rehab centers, and even centers for the families of these misdirected individuals. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction CAN be treated without the old preconceptions of what an addict is, but rather the person they can return to be again.

We can either take care of our own population now and get our old stature back or we can let the rest of the world become healthier than one of the greatest nations on Earth. That's not so great!

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