Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kill Them All?! That's Their Answer?

I work with some of the 'not so happy McCain lost the election' crew. I have never been so ashamed of fellow American's as I have been lately. There is one fellow who is pouring out Glen Beck 'gloom and doom' because Elected President Obama is holding up our proverbial throats to the middle east, to slash them deep and allow us to be savagely attacked by Muslim sappers. Today, I got the answer to all questions regarding the Muslim faith. I explained to this person that Southeast Asia has quite a few Muslims that have never bothered us, and if it weren't for a Republican president pulling all assistance out of Afghanistan when they were fighting the Soviets, the Taliban would probably be still be our allies, as they once were. I reminded him that George H. W. Bush was CIA chief when we sold Saddam his WMD's for his issues with Iran and that we're probably being shot at with some American ordinance we sold them. To make a long tedious story short, his answer for all answers is to "use neutron bombs on all Muslims wherever they may be and end it once and for all". I told him that we would be butchers of the world at that point and the enemy of every nation on Earth. His answer was "bomb them too". What brought otherwise normal people to this point. I'm positive that the majority of decent Americans honestly believe that to have peace, someone has to hold out an open hand first. Why can't we finally be the peaceful peace makers that we should have been a long time ago. He says that National Health is Socialism but the country's I see that have it are all Democracies. The purveyors of hate and lies need to be stopped. It's one thing to speak your mind, it's another to provoke needless hatred. I don't support censorship or losing our Constitutional rights but something has to be done to silence the Limbaugh's, Beck's, and other conservative rabble-rousers who seek to cause unrest, discontent, and in a few instances violence without merit in their statements. Back it up with unbiased facts guys and maybe I will listen some day, until then I choose to tune you out.

Did I fail to mention that these guys are financially independent, some more so than the others! Right, Rush? $45 million is a strong motivator, huh?

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