Monday, April 13, 2009

How About a Game. Pick Your Game!

Here's the story, I'll keep it as brief as possible. The last time I owned a game console was about 8 years ago and ten years since I played with one. I gave it away before moving to Florida to my buddy who has two kids(don't say it, I know they're not baby goats, it's just an expression)and they would have some free enjoyment. I had one of the gray Nintendo game consoles. Nothing fancy but it served a purpose. I see Nintendo even has the Wii system now that lets you play tennis, dance, exercise, golf, and I'm sure a zillion other things. That's cool, but it's not for me. I'm a first person shooter fanatic! That was then and this is now!

Needless to say, it's still the same and that's all I want. I don't want Madden or any of the sports games. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with them mind you, just not for me. I know many people that love Madden football. That's cool! I made my decision as to what console I was going to acquire way back when and I've been waiting for some deals on a Playstation 3. I know Sony products and they've never let me down before and I want to get maximum bang for my buck. No pun intended, you know, bang - first person shooter....never mind. I did find a good site to do my research at and use them as a best price location. I don't do stores and malls when it comes to electronics except to lay hands on and see how it feels and looks.

Let's skip ahead to games that are available! I can get loads of titles in different genres to satisfy me every need, so long as it's a first person shooter like Call of Duty 3, which is one I want to challenge soon. I can access more stores than I need to see to decide on for my value shop-fest! I got prices from 13 shops with prices ranging from 5.99 to 29.99. No brainer there!

My problem, getting back to the particular genre that I happen to like. I have a bad history when it comes to controllers, particularly when my hands are getting warm and sweaty from the tension of battle in the game/sim. I want to get one necessary upgrade in particular because it keeps your hands cool while you play, the PS3 Chillstream game controller. I don't want to slip when it comes time to 'take that shot' at whatever creature or other target presents itself. By the way, the Chillstream price ranges from 8.00 to 35.00 and shows up for 17 merchants. I'm getting psyched to start playing. I'm not going to worry about some of the more elaborate accessories like bigger hard drive or DVD drives or Blu-Ray or any of that. I just want the console, the controller - 1 please :), and the game!

Is there a bottom line? Let's find out.

The bottom line is this, don't give up looking for a better deal because there's usually one out there, if your persistent. I don't care if you go to this store or that one or if your really stupid, a shopping club that gets game systems 'on special low prices' that are stripped bare like the lower grade stuff that that big box store sells. Be the smart consumer and save when you can, after all, surfing the net is free, over paying for merchandise isn't.

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