Friday, February 6, 2009

The Return of Joe, the Non-Plumber!

You could have knocked me over with a feather today when I heard there were Republicans meeting with Joe the Plumber to talk to him about the Economic Stimulus Package in Congress. All I have to say is ARE THESE PEOPLE FREEKING STUPID? Didn't they learn from John McCain? Do they see him inviting this slug to his house for a BBQ? No, because John knows this guy is a fool and they actually believed what they saw during the election. These people are deciding how we are to live and they want Joe's input? I don't want to hear anything from this moron's mouth at all, let alone his input into my life. Isn't his real name Stan or something? Don't they know he has never been or will be a plumber? Do the Republicans realize that they no longer have any credibility in America? Wonder why? That was rhetorical, you know why. I'm still surprised that the Three Stooges of Politics are still listened to by the few, the brainwashed, the Bush Republicans. You know, Rush, Glen, and Sean. They are Jesus Christ's voice of the Republican Party. We know them better as the big mouthed bastards of radio. Do they still go to Dick(head) Cheney's to kiss his solid gold and diamond elephant ring and show proper respect for their god of conservative gold? Do working class people take these idiots seriously? Do they wonder why they want the Obama Administration to fail? They don't care one way or the other because they're RICH. Didn't Rush sign a $45 million contract during the election? You bet he did. Glenn Beck has his own production company. Well off? I'd say so! They don't give a damn about us so long as we keep their ratings going so they can make even more money while you struggle to put food on the table. So ask yourself - do they really care? The answer is NO! Dick Cheney? I'm going to stop here because I really hate this miserable bastard. I hear he has a Hollywood film contract though, his life story - Dick Cheney in Omen 10, the Rise of Satan's Spawn! Rated G by the Sarah Palin film bureau. ( Damn, there's another one for the books).


Ambrosia said...

WOW! I was surprised to read about the bin Laden was the first I heard of it.

This post was great also! It's ridiculous the types of things that strike these guys as a good idea. I'm still amazed that these idiots even made their way into politics in the first place. Just goes to show you how many stupid people there are out there!

Did you see the riffraff on foxnews' forum? I happened upon it yesterday and got a hell of a good laugh before throwing out my two cents. The topic was whether or not Pres. Obama threw Biden under the bus. Apparently, they have nothing better to do than badmouth the rest of us because their party was voted out for incompetence. Somehow, it's our fault, LOL.

A Progressive Girl said...

It brings to mind my favorite new saying...thanks to Zbigniew...stunningly moronic.

I give up...I have no idea what has happened to these people.


Chameleon said...

Stunningly superficial - apparently Big Papa Z likes the world "stunningly". Seriously. I almost dropped my coffee when I heard that they were actually inviting J the P to offer his opinion at their little luncheon, and if you know how I feel about coffee, you have some idea how hard I was laughing.

I haven't decided if the Stooges are liars or just totally and completely misinformed. I listen to the garbage spewing out of their mouths and understand why the middle section of our country doesn't GET it. I mean, they're hearing "$8 billion for ACORN" and "$30 billion for an express train between Vegas and LA" and "The New Deal didn't help us out at all!"

Now, I can SEE where they get this stuff - it takes a lot of twisting and turning of the facts, but I can SEE it... but seriously - are they twisting the facts on purpose or do they really seriously need to be wearing tinfoil hats because they see conspiracy in -everything-?

skwguitar said...

lol Joe (who isn't really joe) the Plumber (who isn't really a plumber) who got famous for being an undecided voter (who is actually a registered republican) who asked Obama a question.

WTF is wrong w/ that party?