Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reach Out and Touch Someone!

Who would have ever thought that these words, as advertised by a major telephone company many years ago, would still be true today. The names were changed to protect the innocent! Well, maybe more than the names as I will try to elaborate on here. The venue is the difference in todays changing advertising marketplace. This is the era of the blog! That's right, the web pages of the citizenry of every country that has access to the world wide web of information, the net! There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing companies out there ready and willing to help budding Internet marketers ply their prospective trade to you, the blog readers. You know who you are, your the ones that are reading this right now. You are the marketplace! There are many companies, like I previously stated, but let me extract one of these companies that I have had some limited exposure with and try to show you the mechanics and visualizations of how a blog advertiser works with bloggers.

The first thing you will notice are the links that are provided for your convenience. That's right, I said YOUR convenience. They make it easier for you to get further information on such things as advertising and blogs! Wasn't that easy? I have followed many such links provided to me and found some sites I didn't like but many more that I wanted more information on because of the way the sites were presented. The cheaper and flashy sites are a dead give-away to RUN! The sites that give you up front data are worth looking at because you aren't obliged to do anything until you sign up and even then no one is putting a gun to your head to do anything you don't want to do. I always stay away from the sites that want the dreaded credit card information that may be used to "establish you are who you say you are" or the "you are a legal adult" scenario. Homey don't play that game! If I'm not buying merchandise, I'm not giving up my numbers!

Web sites that undergo 'face-lifts' are usually a sign that they will be staying around for awhile. The cheap looking ones will be lucky if they're still there by the time you log into them. What does it mean when you get paid to blog? Does it sound fishy? Does it sound too good to be true like the old saying goes? You must be the judge. I would like you to take a look at this page on Paying Post because it does a good job of explaining what getting paid to blog means, just click on this link for the proper page. Probably the most frequent complaints I hear on a regular basis is that blog reviews and ads are meaningless fluff and words are typed to fill up required space for the advertisers. The answer to this is that it's true! There are a lot of fly-by-nights and quick in and out of business sites that just don't care so long as they get their money. To be successful on the web you need to follow one important mantra, believe in your content! Content is king in the vast world of information because without it you will have one reader, you! Good solid content that actually has meaning to it will bring readers back day after day to your site and they will refer new readers which in turn will give your site the potential to be a hard line money maker, with a conscience. Honesty and getting to the point is a much appreciated commodity because people want to make their circuit of blogs in one day and walk away satisfied. The fluff sites may get a look but time on site will be minimal, no guts-no glory! The purpose of blog marketing is to provide either a service, a product(s), or both to consumers looking for these things, whether they realize it or not. No, I'm not being cynical, most people will buy things on impulse and companies know this which is why they want to tap into the blog market that's full of millions of potential customers! That's not greedy, that's good business and that's where the world is going. People want to shop without leaving the comfort of their homes, and why not have more time to do the things you want to do instead of shopping in long lines and trying to park just as it starts to rain. You know what I mean. I'm one of those shoppers and why not develop real income in return with the Internet as well.

I can tell you this because I went the way of the quick blog marketing scene when I first wrote my original blog. I have since gone back and eliminated about 90% of the paid 'low content' ads once they had run their service time. I have linked with marketing companies that allow me to write about the things I want to write about and their request is that I mention, if possible, their advertiser into the context without affecting my content. is one of the sites I do work for and yes, this is part of an assignment I requested to do. This is an evaluation of blog marketing using them as the example. That's taking a big risk as far as I'm concerned. People that regularly read my blogs know that I don't pull any punches and if I don't like something I'll say so. For these people to request a review of their site by explaining concepts and business I have to give them a thumbs up. I read everything that I have proposed for you to read, before I decided to start taking work from them. Like I mentioned before, the 'other' companies are out there and many of us have been burned and/or frustrated with them and to date I have had no problems here and with a few others sites only because I took the time to read what they had to say. The link for the 'get paid to blog' portion is well worth the time to read because it should be the same for any site you work with, nothing more-nothing less. I know I've droned on too long but when I get started typing it's hard to stop, that's just me. Thank you for staying with me and click the links if you like, they're a quick read. Expect nothing less from any company you deal with the way it's explained here. If they won't tell you something or it's hard or impossible to find, just click to somewhere else quickly!

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