Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just when you thought it was garden!

I guess, as things go, that my household has been fortunate today. Where my mother in law would have been gardening, if she weren't in England for a funeral with my wife, at very large pine tree saw fit to fall onto my pool enclosure and taking out the whole rear corner. This is also where she was going to be doing gardening if she hadn't been called away for the funeral. If she were home it could have been her funeral. It does seem odd that a second micro burst hit this area twice in less than 6 months and each time a long standing growth came quickly down to the ground. I called the insurance company, reluctantly, to have an appraiser come to see it and let me know what my options are. If I'm not covered I will withdraw the claim and get a tree hauler to cut away the tree(25' tall by 4' around) so I can tarp the enclosure to keep my critters in and the wild ones out, then see about securing parts and a screener to replace some screens. I have a feeling the deductible will be as much as the repair. Oh well, at least it's something inanimate and everyone is unharmed by it. I'll post when I get more details from the insurance company. Guess I'll be taking some time off from work!

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