Thursday, January 1, 2009

Immunity from Prosecution? Why?

The parents of Casey Anthony, the alleged person in the filicide of Caylee Anthony, have requested immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony in the disappearance and death of little Caylee. I'm curious as to why they went to California to seek 'a lead' for Caylee when it now appears they they already knew the fate of their granddaughter. In my country, which I thought this was, they would be held as accomplices after the fact, at the very least. To withhold evidence to a crime with forethought is still a felony here, if they helped in the death it would still be 1st degree murder with the death penalty as a potential verdict and sentence.

The feces in this case is piling up thick, tall and steamy. A dream team of attorneys will attempt to debunk any and all hard evidence against Casey in an attempt to bring notoriety to themselves in the legal community no doubt.

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