Friday, December 19, 2008

Human Remains Identifies as Caylee Anthony's

After a tumultuous few months of unanswered questions the case of the missing 3 year old, Caylee Anthony, is finally concluded. The skeletal remains found about a 3 minute walk from the Anthony home have been positively identifies as those of little Caylee. The utility worker who made the discovery had previously in July and August tried to direct Sheriffs Deputies to the site without result. December has proven a more decisive month now that the remains have been recovered and identified by forensic examination.

The two remaining questions at large are; 1) who is the person directly responsible for the loss of life, and 2) how did this utility worker seem to know where the body would be from as far back as July, when Caylee first was reported missing. Police are currently following up on both questions and hope to reach a conclusion as soon as possible as the child is finally laid to a proper resting place.

The childs mother, Casey Anthony, still has nothing to say to police in this matter.

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