Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Governor Rod Blagojevich, May You Rest in Prison

Huffington Post's Sam Stein: The arrest this morning of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has sparked intense discussion in the political universe over how great a taint his ethical follies will have both on the next Illinois Senator and Barack Obama. The governor, accused of seeking cash for the political appointment of Obama's Senate replacement, is not a close associate of the President-elect. Indeed, in the affidavit, Blagojevich called Obama a "motherfu**er" for wanting him to appoint an official that the governor either did not like or wouldn't receive money from.

This is what I heard at work this morning from, of course, a hard-line Republican associate who couldn't wait to say that this involves Obama. WHAT!? How does this involve Barack Obama? It doesn't! The Governor of Illinois, like many of his fellow Illinois politicians throughout history, was corrupt as sh*t! He wanted to take bids to see who could high-bid the senatorial seat vacated by Barack Obama. This decision, of course, is mandated by law where as the Governor shall see fit to replace a vacated congressional seat from their state until such a time where an election can put a permanent candidate into that seat. The FBI moved on Gov. Blagojevich this morning after accruing a stockpile of evidence against him including many taped conversations!

All I can say about this is that Gov. Rod has 'big stones', which we all know that when you go to prison they have a habit of turning big stones into little ones! Rod, can you say "prison bit*h"? No? You will soon enough. You deserve it!

I'd like to Thank the Huffington Post for the partial use of their story.


Relevant Rhino said...

Word has it that Rahm Emmanuel tipped off the Feds and that Obama himself made a call to some key figures in the IL. state legislature to bypass Blago and pass the ethics bill that eliminated the "pay to play" system in the state. That bill eventually and effectively killed Blago's career.

The right can paint this however they want, but, like with so many other things, the truth will prove them to be the complete and utter paranoid fucktards that they are.


Dave said...
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Dave said...

The Right (that may be a contradiction in itself) will spin whatever whenever it wants, the Left does also, in all fairness to both sides. Cover-ups do no one a service and only promote distrust in a time when we absolutely need to be able to put our trust in our government, we have nothing else left to pull us out of this 'situation' we're in. This is it! There are NO other options left!
Thanks for the post RR!
btw, I deleted my own post prior to this one, not the way I wanted the wording.

Valerie David said...

I liked the FBI agent that said if Illinois isn't the most corrupt state in the U.S. it's certainly one hell of a competitor. I thought that guy must be from Chicago, and sure enough, he's head of the Chicago FBI office. Home of the "Vote Early and Often" motto, we here know all about corrupt politics!