Friday, December 12, 2008


"Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said investigators searched the home early today after the medical examiner found "some clues that came out of the remains" that "linked it to the house." He would not say what clues were found."(1)

Those are the headlines and news reports coming out of Orange County, Florida today as the sheriffs office continues to sift through the mounting recovered evidence found at the now visible scene of the where a young child was 'dumped'. The physical remains included a child's skull and 'other' evidence that warranted the sheriffs department to immediately seek a search warrant for the home of Casey Anthony, Caylee's mother. The sheriffs department is not at the present time disposed to reveal the other evidence recovered in order to maintain the privacy of the case until it goes to trial.

Casey Anthony's parents returned home from California today to the news that remains had been found of a young child in a nearby wooded lot by a meter reader. They had been in California pursuing a tip that Caylee may have been seen there.

Casey Anthony, in jail for other charges pending against her, became physically shaken when she was told of the discovery and needed to be sedated.

(1) With thanks and credit to: TAMARA LUSH • Associated Press • December 12, 2008

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