Thursday, December 11, 2008


While cutting through an abandoned lot performing some routine work a utility employee spotted what appeared to be a plastic wrapped bundle laying in a wooded lot less than 1 1/2 miles from the little girls home. The utility employee went to pick up the plastic bundle to examine it and a small human skull fell from the bundle. Another person on the scene notified 911 while the utility worker watched the crime scene waiting for police. A member of EquuSearch — one of the volunteer groups — said they did not check the wooded lot at the edge of the outlying suburb in early September because it was submerged from heavy rains. When they returned in November, the site had been fenced off. Upon examination of the wrapped bundle it was determined to be decomposed human remains. Police investigators confirmed that the remains were that of a child, about the same size as Caylee Anthony, missing since June 16, 2008.

Her mother, Casey Anthony, reported she had left Caylee with an unknown babysitter who was later determined to be non-existent, and reported her missing in July! DNA and other Forensic testing will be performed to identify the remains and possibly formally charge her mother in the death and disposal of her daughter. Proper identification of a child's remains is more difficult than that of an adult unless they know who the family members are. Casey Anthony has been, to say the least, extremely non-helpful to police investigating the disappearance of her daughter.

The recovery of the remains of Caylee would be the last link in the puzzle of her disappearance and the cause(s) of it! A Forensic police dog identified the scent of a human cadaver in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car as well as some physical evidence, traces of chloroform and human hair, that may be able to be pieced together if this is Caylee's body and bring this case to a proper conclusion.

This story will be continuing as more information is released!

My personal opinion, since this is a local issue, is that the mother should have been spirited off to Guantanamo to be water-boarded to find out where she put Caylee's body so she could get a proper burial! I'll be on that jury without complaint. It's just my personal opinion.

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