Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Return of Stem Cell Research!

I was reading on MSN today that President Elect Obama has had a group of people reviewing Executive Orders that President (Cheney) Bush has put in place during his 8 years as president. I understand it to exceed 200 items and growing, with his tenure winding down, a good deal being tracked for reversal. Two of the things that will be reversed are the clean air and stem cell research issues. We are so far behind the rest of the world in stem cell research that it's not even funny. BTW, stem cells no longer need be harvested from fetuses, the cord blood provides an abundant supply on it's own. I wrote an article a while back on saving cord blood for when you are older in case it's ever needed for you and it touched upon that very issue of harvesting stem cells. You folks that are really religious can stay home and suffer if you want to, I for one would love to live a better life with stem cell cures if I ever needed it. Whether you believe in Creationism or not, this is called Evolution now! Speaking of evolution, it's time we retire some of the ancient judges on the Supreme Court and get some younger constitutional judges on the high bench. While he's at it he can get rid of the Homeland Nazi Security bureau, it's not that effective anyhow. It was an agency created to take our attention away from issues they didn't want us noticing that they were pulling on us. Don't get me started!

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