Saturday, November 15, 2008

Should Walmart roll over and die?

Just do one thing and you'll know the future of Walmart. I have 3 in my county and they all look alike. They are devoid of help except for managers scurrying around and customers walking away from frustration. It seems the company is looking to maintain their profit margins through the cutting back of controllable expenses - employees. The ones they do have were being selected for minimal hours each but have to leave their availability wide open for the company to schedule them as they see fit. Regardless of what the company spin doctors will tell reporters, the hourly staff are not very happy with the post-Sam Walton Walmart. Even Sam Walton's * is missing in the name now, remember Wal*Mart? I even remember seeing the speech on tv on one of those specials telling everyone the * was for Sam. I guess Sam is finally dead at Walmart! The powers that be at Walmart need to take heed because things like this with the new social reform government could bring on what they don't want at Walmart - Labor Unions!


A Progressive Girl said...

I guess we will see if a lot of wal-mart types still have friends in high places now.

I would love to see how the new business model shakes out if they don't.


Dave said...

I agree. Many companies will be watching with great interest to see what the next few months bring.