Thursday, November 13, 2008

Setting the Record Straight!

I just want to elaborate on the past, still warm and fuzzy, election. I have been writing this, currently politically possessed, blog in what may be seen as a Democratic Party inspiration. It is not and could not be any further from the truth. I have been an Independent Voter for many years because I vote for the candidate, not the party, as it should be! When I was younger I stood behind Richard Nixon when others would berate me for it. It was my right to do so and I would defend anyone else's right to do the same, that's what makes this country great. Or was great! Homeland Security and the recalling of other privacy's we used to have has made me feel my country has gone towards a semi-Fascist way, where the government has a say in what we can and can't do. 911 was the last time a 'terrorist' intrusion was made in here and all the 'beefing up' of security and the spending of billions of dollars in prevention has gotten just what the terrorists wanted. Without acting out any form of violent acts after the fact they have brought the U.S. to it's knees financially. They did state years ago that they could not defeat the U.S. militarily but could cripple us financially with fear tactics. I would have to say at this point that we have wasted lives in Iraq, gone almost completely bankrupt and essentially lost a war we started where the terrorists were not! GOD Bless America!

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