Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama Needs To Step Down From Campaign!

Recent events have come to light to lead me to believe that Senator Barack Obama should be required to resign from the current campaign for the office of President of the United States! I just heard from a friend of a guy who knew someone who may have knowledge of a heinous act perpetrated by an Obama family member somewhere in or around the U.S. territorial limits. This guy told me a bus driver who knows this passenger was told that his ex-girlfriend saw an Obama family members commit a despicable act of wanton disregard for the laws of this fine country. This cannot be refuted! This possible potential witness to this wanton act of lawlessness will come forward, when they can safely be brought forward from wherever they may be located. This person saw a third cousin on his aunts side actually cross the street AGAINST the light! At an ANGLE no less! Jaywalking is a serious offense and must be handled in the appropriate manner. Knowing this I say to Mr. Senator Obama, come clean and take responsibility for your family's crime. You have 32 hours to comply or else we may be forced to drop all alleged charges against person unknown.

You have no excuses! Everybody is required to know the exact standing and behaviors of ALL relatives they have, whether known or unknown, in whereabouts known or unknown! Everyone else knows, right?

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