Friday, November 28, 2008

Death of a Walmart Associate Makes it a Real Black Friday

You have to be kidding me! Why do things like this seem to happen in New York? Let me see if I have this story straight now. A 34 year old male temporary(seasonal) associate was too near the doors of this suburban store in Valley Stream on Long Island. The crowd was so thirsty for Black Friday 'stuff' at great prices, that they tore the doors off their hinges and started a stampede that took the life of this unfortunate man, who was trying to earn a living and pay his bills and buy food. Now he doesn't need to worry about it since the mob trampled him to death trying to 'buy like crazy' like the ads tell people to do. Maybe shopping needs to come with a User Manual for Humans to Shop By! A pregnant woman was also taken to an area hospital as well as an undetermined number of other 'victims of Black Friday shopping'. The retailers needed to work the crowds up, regardless of any unfortunate injuries or deaths, because they face a Black 4th Quarter which is the quarter that every retailer needs to be good to meet revenue expectations.

I have to honestly say that I put the blame for this on the heads of the merchants. They identify shoppers as sheep to be herded to their locations to have an exchange of value to take place where the customer gives up their currency for some crap that's already outdated! As for the shoppers who ran amok in Valley Stream, they need to be taken to Pampaloma, Spain and replace the bulls because they are ANIMALS, plain and simple. To stampede and trample anyone in their way just to get a tv or stereo or game is just plain retarded. I apologize to any mentally challenged individuals out there who may be offended by my reference to retarded people, you are not retarded, they are mindless freaks!

One last point. I used to work for Walmart and I can tell you without a second thought why these morons stampeded. Walmart never has enough of the hot items to go around - EVER! They know that if they don't wait all day and then race to the department where the items are they know they will never get one. Hey Walmart, don't do that, you know I'm right. Do PS3 and laptop computers bring any memories to mind? I remember them. You'd sent a handful and when it was time to sell them you'd have us tell the customers that only the first xx people could get 1 only. Every HOT item is teased to the customer but quantities are criminally low on hand - Always! I'm stopping here because this is pissing me off thinking about this poor guy dying and how we, the consumers, are treated by the mega stores. Later.

ps. As for me, I'm boycotting Walmart this year. This was the frosting on the cake for me with them. Best Buy has better electronics but their crowd control left a lot to be desired today too, but nobody died there though!


Jodi said...

That is terrible. I feel so bad the family.

faiths13 said...

Wow! I can't believe something like that happened. I have to say, though a terrible tradegy, you post is amusing. I agree with mostly everything you wrote about Wal Mart and the shoppers. I think it's sad the mind set ppl get in to shop Black Friday. I refuse to go to any stores on that day. I have never experienced the madness of Black Friday and never will. There is no deal that is worth that.

Irene said...

How horrific was that? I am sure Wal Mart will be paying big time, as they should, for that. Poor family--just awful for them.

Dave said...

It all depends on how the incident is classified by the police. If it's due to negligence then yes, the company will and should, pay through the nose! It's only right. If it's declared an accident then a civil case will need to be done to get proper and just compensation, which will never be enough to replace a human life and family member.