Monday, October 20, 2008

Todd Palin - Alaska Secessionist Party Member

I have no idea why the press hasn't gotten much of any steam on Todd Palin's affiliation with the Alaskan Secessionist Movement(AIP) ten years ago, a group who openly hates America and wants Alaska to break away from the U.S. The leader of this group affiliated himself with Iran in order to be able to address the United Nations to further their movement. Too bad Sarah had NO IDEA what Todd was up to while they were happily married. Such an UN-AMERICAN thing to do. I thought she said small towns were Pro American? I guess she lied BIG TIME!

I just don't understand why the press still follows this Bill Ayers business and does not address the Todd Palin America Go To Hell movement. Sounds Un-American to me!

The following is an excerpt from Political Punch.

Palin's husband Todd was a member of the AIP from October 1995 through July 2002, except for a few months in 2000. He is currently undeclared.

As part of their pushback against the charges of Lynette and Dexter Clark of the AIP, the McCain campaign says that Palin did not even attend the AIP convention in Wasilla in 1994.

But another former AIP official -- Mark Chryson, chairman of the AIP from 1995 to 2002 -- tells ABC News that "Palin was at the convention in 1994. She was there."

Was she a member?

Chryson can’t say. "She may have been, I do not know," he says. Their records don't go back that far.

"Ask Sarah," he suggests.

I'd love to. But she hasn't exactly been making herself available to the press.


Anonymous said...

There is a video of her at the convention on you tube. it has got to take a lot of personal control on the part of obama to not use those in his commercials. if only the mccain backers had that much control of themselves. I'm so sick of all of the lies and sleeze. what does it take to get some election reform to where the poiticians can be convicted of purgery to the jury of the american people. or for hindering an investigation into who is actually the better candidate. it's just disgusting that they lie to people so much and people just believe it all.

Dave said...

That's why they have Political Parties instead of Honesty Parties!
Welcome to the free world. Even with the many flaws we have in this country's political system I will still defend our right to have what we have. There are a lot of countries that wish they had something this open. Count your blessings you were born here.