Friday, October 10, 2008

A Simple Message to Voters.

PLEASE! Do Not Sucumb to the Hate Mongering that is going on right now! Insecurity and mistrust bread this behavior. Desperation will fuel hatred among the people, causing good people to act irrationally! Ask yourself "Why does this person allow me to develop this hate and not try to temper it for the sake of all?". This is not the act of a responsible person, or persons. This behavior goes back to the George W. election where hate was directed at the media, just as racial hatred has recently been directed at an African-AMERICAN media sound-man. Is this being done now because they got away with it then? Does this make it right? If it does, My God, what have we become? Are we dogs running with the pack? Do what the Alpha dog directs, right or wrong? Lat time I looked in the mirror I saw a human, not an animal! Stop treating people like animals because if you REALLY cared about the citizens of this nation, Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin, you would be trying to heal the wounds that hurt so much and not rub salt in, to be self serving. Public servant, I thought, meant just that. Serving the people, not waiting to be served! Getting back to the hateful demonstrations at your rallys. There was a man in the 1930's who was a master at manipulating a crowd that was under financial hardships. He knew that to succeed he would have to direct the hatred somewhere else, to a group he hated himself. He knew he could accomplish his goals because the people needed to vent their frustrations and needed hope in return. What this eventually became was the Holocaust and the man who orchestrated it was Adolf Hitler. Remember, the citizens gave him everything he wanted and he gave them back more than anyone ever bargained for! This is the wrong way to enlist political support in a free country. Stop this insanity now!

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