Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political Pollsters Are Killing the American Political System!

Barack Obama and John McCain are dead even in the XX poll today! Wow! I need to get out and vote!

Obama Leads McCain by 5 points in todays XX poll! Geez! McCain needs my support, I better get out and vote.

McCain overtakes Obama by 4 points in the XX poll today. Barack needs my vote, I better make sure I get out of work early that day.

Obama leads McCain with 2 days left by 12 points in the XX poll! Oh good, Obama's going to win, I can stay home and party while I watch on TV, AND Oh No! McCain's going to lose, there's no sense in voting now!

Does this sound familiar? I've heard it too many times in my lifetime. Just different names.

I say "To Hell with the Pollsters and the Polls they rode in on!". Americans have a history of being damned lazy when it comes to getting out and casting their vote. I'm not making that up, either. Given a good excuse to NOT vote, many will opt to stay home and watch 'fate' take it's course because the polls say there is a winner before the election really gets going. Remember "Dewey Wins!" where Truman actually won? The polls made the prediction and the newspaper went with it. Idiots, anything to beat the other papers to the deadline. We keep repeating the same mistakes of the past. Isn't that what history class was for? To AVOID repeating the mistakes of the past and learn what did work before! I guess there were a lot of dunces in those classes. What caused history class to be boring was the emphasis on dates and places with dates. They should have taught history as Cause and Effect Throughout Time. Who knew that Nixon would take 49 states in his election (poor Massachusetts and D.C.).

Getting back to my main thoughts regarding polls. Following polls is like chasing prices at gas stations, always looking for the one that suits you best! If poll XX says Joe Six-Pack is up by 5 and poll YY says Joe Plumbers-Helper is ahead by 6 and you support Mr. Six-Pack. Do you immediately believe poll YY to be crap? You Betcha, because Joe Six-Pack is a 'maverick'!

In a nutshell, polls are partisan BULL***T! They should have no place in our society and are a bane to our political freedom. They prejudge candidates based on predominantly false and potentially slanderous statements. I have heard outright lies spoken in this campaign, I won't say by whom, and have seen the follow-up polls announce the 'new' leader based upon these statements. I see coworkers wearing figurative blinders over their eyes because they are directed to think a particular way and follow doctrine set forth by their respective political parties with blind obedience. WAKE UP AMERICA! The rest of the world is waiting to see if we have grown up yet. Please, let's not disappoint our international peers because we are going to need them to recover from our financial situation no matter what anybody says.

I'll finish up by saying that I am going into this election as an Independent voter, I grew up voting as a Republican. I know what your saying, you've read my past posts and they appear partisan towards the Democratic candidate. No, I wrote those articles condemning the actions and decisions of a party structure and a man who had my vote, without question, in 2000. In 2008 I question the man and his motives. My major concern in this election is not the economy. Oh sure, it needs fixing but it will take more than 4 years to heal the bank account of America. I have been waiting for a candidate who WANTS TO OPENLY TALK to our friends and adversaries around the world. We haven't had any real dialogue with any countries since Bill Clinton. Why is that? Why do our allies now dislike and mistrust us? Why can't we find out what our enemies dislike about us so much and try to find a common ground to make peace before more blood is spilled. WHY CAN'T WE BE THE PEACEMAKERS WE ONCE WERE? WHY? It's because for the past 8 years we can't talk to the 'other guys' unless they jump through hoops and climb under bushes of preconditions. If I were one of those countries I'd say 'screw you' if you can't sit at a table with me and TALK! Talk is inexpensive and we need to save money! It's funny that places like North Korea and Iran have gone hard-line with us, especially since we used to have an open dialogue with them, albeit a strained dialogue, but a dialogue none the less.

Look what happened when Richard Nixon sent Henry Kissinger to China! The rest is history.

Did you learn that in school?

I did!

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