Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is McCain Starting a New National Socialist Party in the U.S.?

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did! John McCain has brought this presidential campaign to an all time low for any candidate the U.S. political system has ever seen. Why does he feel that the ONLY way he can get elected now is if he and his Ober-Fuehrer Sarah start a hate war against Barack Obama. Excuse me, did I say hate war? I meant to say racial hate war. What happens when you get the blood up in angry voters who are already mad at the government about the economy and make then question your opponents citizenry? When you ask "Who is he?" and when she makes outright lies that were disproved over a year ago. I guess if John wants to have the 4th Reich in place before he moves on to be with his 3rd Reich mentor he will have to get VERY DIRTY indeed. What a sad loser he is and what a brainless automaton she is to even get involved with this mindless garbage. Hello! Doesn't anybody see what kind of president he would make when he stoops to these low tactics? Do you really think that he cares a teeny tiny bit about "Joe six-pack"? Sarah is not much better. At her Clearwater, Florida rally she got people so mad about Obama and the press that they actually went after the press and verbally assaulted one African-American news worker with racial epithets. Nice example for potential future leaders of this great country. What do you think the rest of the world is thinking about us now. I think they'll be keeping a tighter reign on the money and some will keeps fingers closer to buttons they've been staying away from. You thought the Bush administration was bad? If he gets elected just wait. You haven't seen bad yet!
Just when this nation needs to come together to rebuild, McCain's storm troopers are out to destroy the fabric of America with hate and lies. John, what did that prison camp do to your mind?

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