Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three words to helpful Democrats - SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!

I wasn't planning on writing this article. I thought people would have seen the damage the wrong thing being said would cause and the ammunition it would give to the opposition. I was wrong! I never thought career politicians would want to get up in front of microphones and cameras and tell the world "Look at me, I'm so stupid and now you all know it!" We now know
it! Is it just me or is anybody else seeing the demise of the Democratic Party right before our very eyes? Why is it that the Dem party had 8 YEARS to prepare for this election and now that it's here they wish to destroy any chance Obama has to wage a successful campaign against their Republican opponent, John McCain. The Republicans had 8 years and they came up with ...oh, never mind! Back to the self destructing Dems! I have been hearing from my staunch Republican voting, Rush Limbaugh listening, co-workers about people (I will not mention their names, they know who they WERE) telling a wheelchair ridden person to 'stand up' and then telling everyone else they should stand up because he couldn't, not to mention that he said Hillary would have been a better choice than himself! Seasoned politician OR salted turkey? You be the judge because he's obviously chosen himself as his own executioner. I have heard about the lipstick wearing pig and yes, I know there was more to the story, but who in the media cares, this was a better story. Bad speech writers, Bad! No cabinet post for you! No loss, you have to be the president to do that and at this rate they're safe. Don't they realize that the NEW form of reporting is called "Excerpt Reporting" where a slice of what you say SUMS UP the entire speech! I also heard about a Mr. Bigmouth in Tennessee making a helpful reference to Pontius Pilate and Sarah Palin. Duid you know they were both governors? Off With Their Heads! You sir are a damned IDIOT! I know there are more 'slogans and anecdotes' being mouthed by 'helpful Democrats' everywhere and to everyone who wishes to stand up and be heard to defend the Democratic Party of the United States of America I say....


I am so disgusted the way the Democrats have fallen apart and are running separate campaigns. I thought this was going to be a tight campaign, not to mention a historic one. I was actually looking forward to a spirited campaign from both sides and what I got was this pile of manure. Well, it will be historic for the winner no matter what happens. I just never thought I'd see so much in-fighting and headline grabbing away from a chosen candidate by their own party. Start writing your concession speech, unless that is, your cracker jack campaign hasn't already written it. Good job Hillary, you should be running the CIA, I'm impressed!

Note: I am neither registered with, or support, either party. I am proud to keep my Independent affiliation. Can you blame me? Give me a candidate I can give my trust to and believe in and I will convert immediately. God Bless America....PLEASE!


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Great post! I haven't seen a clearer example of wrestling out a defeat from the jaws of victory. Did Joe Biden really say that Hillary would have been a better choice for VP? Yes, he did. Maybe he wants to be her running mate in 2012.


Jude said...

I agree that both sides are ridiculous and it's too bad that I don't like either candidate and I am a registered Republican.

Where in the world do they get these speech writers? I think a 5th grader could do a better job. Nice post by the way. I have no clue who I am going to vote for yet I'm still weighing all the options.

Dave said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm beginning to think that the party system is just a way to create separatism in this country when we need to be coming together for our common good! In the end we all suffer.