Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting pretty sick of the hatred already.

It's not even November yet and I can't believe how upset people are when they happen to mention a presidential candidate. I've heard yelling, insults and veiled threats made by zealots of their party's nominees. Someone at work asked me who I would vote for and I happened to say that unless things changed I would vote for Mr. XXXXXX because of this reason and that. I no sooner got this out of my mouth and I was called a "communist" by someone who was listening at the next desk, who was NOT part of the conversation. I was appalled because this could be no further from the truth because I happen to believe in what this nation stands for, or stood for before GW came to town.
I partially blame the politicians for this mentality because they could ease tensions if they wanted to. No, I blame the commentators on radio, television and the printed media. I work with one fellow who listens to Rush everyday and everyday he gets arrogant and insulting if you don't agree with what he has been fed on the radio. This is just one example of the single mindedness that is 'red meat' to the press and the spin doctors. It makes me so upset being around these party 'alpha types' that sometimes I feel like my vote will be wasted on hate mongers, liars and flim-flam artists in Washington D.C. I will not have my clear judgement injected with doubt and I will cast my vote for who I believe will better serve my country's needs. My vote will count if everyone will cast their vote as well. We should be thankful that we are allowed to vote, most nations don't have that privilege. Think about it! Vote Smart!


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Nice post, wouldn't it be great if we could discuss our choices for president rationally without the fear of being interrupted by insults flung towards us?

The hate that the American people demonstrate to each other when others try to explain their views and opinions is so horrible that it makes people with opinions reluctant to share them.

So instead of having intelligent discussion and debate, the people who don't want to be insulted don't say anything as the people ready to fling insults at you achieve the suppression of free speech.

What a rude people we are.

Kimmy said...

Agreed, very good post. I spend hours watching both sides. I listen and research the issues. I have questions, and would love to speak to people that can explain and-or debate with me. Instead, its ignorance. And the sad part, the ones screaming, probably has no idea WHAT the issues are.