Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Election Reforms by Me!

We, as a nation, need to reform the election process to involve the entire nation and not just selected segments of it. I do not like racial, sexual, religious or idealogical segregations in the voting process. What I mean by this in layman's terms is simply black voters for the black candidate, Catholic voters for the Catholic candidate, or female voters for the female candidate, to name just a few. I believe we do ourselves a great injustice in this kind of voter mentality. We need to break away from the norm and take control of our country by making our 1 vote count again! I propose a very few simple fixes to the antiquated system we now see abused before our eyes every election year.

1. Put term limits BACK where we voted them to be. Congress doesn't need to tell us what they're going to do, they work for US, that's why we voted FOR term limits!

2. Put the Electoral College back where it belongs - IN THE TRASH! We don't need, or want, it if we are to have everyones vote count. We vote only to then wait for them to vote? Who made up this garbage? I know - a politician! We will become a Popular Vote government as we should be. How do you expect to excite people to get out and vote when they think someone will take their vote and give it to someone else! I believe that only then will the people who don't vote, because their votes don't count, will be encouraged to cast a vote that does count!

3. Campaign spending is to be capped with a maximum spending limit by month for each candidate - no exceptions!

4. November of the year prior to the election a Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate will be put forth by each party to campaign for the year so we all get to know each and every one of them, good and not so good! Selection of the candidates would be in the form of a primary during that preceding November.

5. This is the big one! There will be 4 political parties on the ballot which comprise the top 4 popular parties. The parties I would see would be Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian. If another party becomes more popular than Libertarian they would take their place and all other candidates would fall under the Independent ticket. If a different party dominates the independent ticket, exceeding the Libertarian party, they would take over the Libertarian slot and the Libertarian would fall under the Independent ticket.

I suppose that if I wanted to I could add more but that may be constituted as creating BIG government, which is the last thing we need or can afford.

Thank you for taking the time to read this expression of my ideas. You can't institute change by sitting your arse on the sofa, regardless of how loud you yell at the television. Remember, if you don't cast your vote then you need to shut your mouth and don't complain because you have no right to say anything about something you wanted nothing to do with! If you did cast your vote and wish to complain then step up to the podium and I will defend your right to speak. This is what this country is built on - Rights for the people!

Get out and VOTE SMART!

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Kim said...

Wow! An actual democracy, what a thought!! I like your ideas, they make sense. So much in this country doesn't make sense! I love imagining that the country is run that way....maybe, one day....I'm hoping it's in my lifetime, cause things seem to change sooooo slowly!