Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CNN article food for thought.

I was curious about Sarah Palin and her religious beliefs. First of all, I base no opinion or judgement on a candidate based on their religious beliefs or life direction for them or their family. I just don't know what she is? She WAS a Pentacostalist until 2002 when she joined the Republican party. Did joining the Republican party become her new religion? I don't know, I really don't. Why should it matter? Is it because her (past?) faith believed in 'speaking in tongues, faith healings and end times(end of the world in violence bringing the return of Jesus Christ)'? Many religions have derivations of these beliefs and practices. So why should it matter? Why hide your faith? Why not stand up for what you believe? I hope it's not because you don't want to attract negative opinion. This is America and we all have rights that we should not feel uncomfortable standing by. This was just a question I had and like I said, I have no issue if someone is religious or not. This is America and we can believe in what we want to and our government is there to protect us. I am posting the link to the CNN article so you may extract your own opinion from it...CNN 09/10/08.

Just to be fair and even-handed here is the link to the Wasilla Assembly of God statement on Sarah Palin.

Get out and Vote Smart!

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