Monday, September 1, 2008

1+1+5+1-1=VP Nominee! What about Qualifications?

This election has a funnier storyline than The Tonite Show with Jay Leno!
Let's see if I have the math correct, McCain style that is!
1- years as Governor of Alaska
1- prior job as a sports anchor in Alaska (was she a mayor too?)
5- children
1- pregnant 17 yr old daughter (Alaska age of consent is 16)
less 1-father to be married to pregnant daughter at some point in time. What about that hateful MySpace page that he tried to get rid of. Inside Edition found it!
I think this snowball is just starting to roll down the mountain folks, stay tuned!

Hey John! Way to go, Buddy! Know how to pick 'em, Johnny! If you win and need something done for you I hear she's a great "organizer" and "hard worker", and a good shot I understand. I guess the VP job is now, a 'WORK STUDY PROGRAM', at the local community college. Have you signed her up for classes yet. Better hurry, spaces are filling fast! Hey John. Was this a 'NYAH, NYAH I GOT A GIRL ON MY SIDE' ploy to destroy the Dems? I hear she got excited when she learned part of her job would be RACE issues in America. She thought she'd be getting 'Pit Passes' for the race for her and her brood. Did she kill a moose too? I heard something about a bikini picture, probably a Photoshop job.

I have to end this now because this has disgusted me from the beginning. We have 2 men, 1 black and 1 white, from the U.S. Senate running against 1 Senator and a woman sportscaster from Alaska who JUST became Governor of the same state with 0 experience in politics, let alone world and domestic affairs. Dr. Kevorkian, where are you when we need you? Where are all the QUALIFIED candidates. We couldn't find any after 8 YEARS?!

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Oliver Starr said...

Hey, being a good shot is an important qualification for becoming VeePee... you never know when you might need to shoot some troublesome congressman in the face who was going to out your role in planning 9/11 or something...

...Just ask Dick Cheney.