Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Palin's Alaskan Wolf Slaughter.

PETA? PETA? Are you home? Is anyone home at PETA? Are you afraid to speak out against a conservative wild animal kill supporter or do you prefer to go after Hormel for killing pigs for meat? Ooops! I just saw your home page and Hormel won the top story! I did see that Caroline Kennedy from Defenders of Wildlife spoke out against what is going on in Alaske. In fact Sarah Palin wanted to PAY hunters $150.00 per wolf shot. You don't have to take my word for it, here is the link to the article from Sept. 02, 2008. I also understand she supports legalizing the hunting of wolves from helicopter which is one of the principal methods of culling wolves that nearly lead to their extinction (and did lead to their extinction in the lower 48 states until the fairly recent Yellowstone wolf reintroduction brought a limited number of wolves back), here is the link to that Sept. 09, 2008 article on another site. We know know that she likes to kill things using modern methods. Too bad some of these wolves destined for the pelt knife couldn't be reintroduced back to areas where they became extinct to revitalize those Ecosystems. Too bad for them I guess! Didn't Congress pass the Federal Airborne Hunting Act of 1972, making it illegal for hunters to shoot animals from a plane or helicopter?

But Alaska uses a loophole covering "predator control," Slate notes. Wolves, foxes and coyotes can be gunned down to protect "land, water, wildlife, livestock, domesticated animals, humans or crops." See? When it comes to killing a "predatory species" she can be a 'good politician'. Hey, wait a minute. Aren't humans a predatory species? Ahhh, blood lust is a beautiful thing....I guess. If we can't eat it, work it or make it a pet.....then KILL IT! You know how understanding and compasionate Pit Bulls are! Maybe it's the lipstick?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Political Contributions from Oil Companies. A MUST READ!

I went to one of my regular environmental sites that I read (Eco Friendly Life and Toys) and they had a link you should definitely look at. If nothing else, just look to see who has the most support in this election from Big Oil! Just click the link I have provided and many thanks to Kim at
Eco-Friendly Life and Toys.

Big Oil Money Grabbers

ps. I even saw where my local representative, Ginny Brown-Waite - Hernando County, FL, has earned over $19k in Big Oil money. I wonder if that includes a gas card for the county vehicles? NOT!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three words to helpful Democrats - SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!

I wasn't planning on writing this article. I thought people would have seen the damage the wrong thing being said would cause and the ammunition it would give to the opposition. I was wrong! I never thought career politicians would want to get up in front of microphones and cameras and tell the world "Look at me, I'm so stupid and now you all know it!" We now know
it! Is it just me or is anybody else seeing the demise of the Democratic Party right before our very eyes? Why is it that the Dem party had 8 YEARS to prepare for this election and now that it's here they wish to destroy any chance Obama has to wage a successful campaign against their Republican opponent, John McCain. The Republicans had 8 years and they came up with ...oh, never mind! Back to the self destructing Dems! I have been hearing from my staunch Republican voting, Rush Limbaugh listening, co-workers about people (I will not mention their names, they know who they WERE) telling a wheelchair ridden person to 'stand up' and then telling everyone else they should stand up because he couldn't, not to mention that he said Hillary would have been a better choice than himself! Seasoned politician OR salted turkey? You be the judge because he's obviously chosen himself as his own executioner. I have heard about the lipstick wearing pig and yes, I know there was more to the story, but who in the media cares, this was a better story. Bad speech writers, Bad! No cabinet post for you! No loss, you have to be the president to do that and at this rate they're safe. Don't they realize that the NEW form of reporting is called "Excerpt Reporting" where a slice of what you say SUMS UP the entire speech! I also heard about a Mr. Bigmouth in Tennessee making a helpful reference to Pontius Pilate and Sarah Palin. Duid you know they were both governors? Off With Their Heads! You sir are a damned IDIOT! I know there are more 'slogans and anecdotes' being mouthed by 'helpful Democrats' everywhere and to everyone who wishes to stand up and be heard to defend the Democratic Party of the United States of America I say....


I am so disgusted the way the Democrats have fallen apart and are running separate campaigns. I thought this was going to be a tight campaign, not to mention a historic one. I was actually looking forward to a spirited campaign from both sides and what I got was this pile of manure. Well, it will be historic for the winner no matter what happens. I just never thought I'd see so much in-fighting and headline grabbing away from a chosen candidate by their own party. Start writing your concession speech, unless that is, your cracker jack campaign hasn't already written it. Good job Hillary, you should be running the CIA, I'm impressed!

Note: I am neither registered with, or support, either party. I am proud to keep my Independent affiliation. Can you blame me? Give me a candidate I can give my trust to and believe in and I will convert immediately. God Bless America....PLEASE!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CNN article food for thought.

I was curious about Sarah Palin and her religious beliefs. First of all, I base no opinion or judgement on a candidate based on their religious beliefs or life direction for them or their family. I just don't know what she is? She WAS a Pentacostalist until 2002 when she joined the Republican party. Did joining the Republican party become her new religion? I don't know, I really don't. Why should it matter? Is it because her (past?) faith believed in 'speaking in tongues, faith healings and end times(end of the world in violence bringing the return of Jesus Christ)'? Many religions have derivations of these beliefs and practices. So why should it matter? Why hide your faith? Why not stand up for what you believe? I hope it's not because you don't want to attract negative opinion. This is America and we all have rights that we should not feel uncomfortable standing by. This was just a question I had and like I said, I have no issue if someone is religious or not. This is America and we can believe in what we want to and our government is there to protect us. I am posting the link to the CNN article so you may extract your own opinion from it...CNN 09/10/08.

Just to be fair and even-handed here is the link to the Wasilla Assembly of God statement on Sarah Palin.

Get out and Vote Smart!

Election Reforms by Me!

We, as a nation, need to reform the election process to involve the entire nation and not just selected segments of it. I do not like racial, sexual, religious or idealogical segregations in the voting process. What I mean by this in layman's terms is simply black voters for the black candidate, Catholic voters for the Catholic candidate, or female voters for the female candidate, to name just a few. I believe we do ourselves a great injustice in this kind of voter mentality. We need to break away from the norm and take control of our country by making our 1 vote count again! I propose a very few simple fixes to the antiquated system we now see abused before our eyes every election year.

1. Put term limits BACK where we voted them to be. Congress doesn't need to tell us what they're going to do, they work for US, that's why we voted FOR term limits!

2. Put the Electoral College back where it belongs - IN THE TRASH! We don't need, or want, it if we are to have everyones vote count. We vote only to then wait for them to vote? Who made up this garbage? I know - a politician! We will become a Popular Vote government as we should be. How do you expect to excite people to get out and vote when they think someone will take their vote and give it to someone else! I believe that only then will the people who don't vote, because their votes don't count, will be encouraged to cast a vote that does count!

3. Campaign spending is to be capped with a maximum spending limit by month for each candidate - no exceptions!

4. November of the year prior to the election a Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate will be put forth by each party to campaign for the year so we all get to know each and every one of them, good and not so good! Selection of the candidates would be in the form of a primary during that preceding November.

5. This is the big one! There will be 4 political parties on the ballot which comprise the top 4 popular parties. The parties I would see would be Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian. If another party becomes more popular than Libertarian they would take their place and all other candidates would fall under the Independent ticket. If a different party dominates the independent ticket, exceeding the Libertarian party, they would take over the Libertarian slot and the Libertarian would fall under the Independent ticket.

I suppose that if I wanted to I could add more but that may be constituted as creating BIG government, which is the last thing we need or can afford.

Thank you for taking the time to read this expression of my ideas. You can't institute change by sitting your arse on the sofa, regardless of how loud you yell at the television. Remember, if you don't cast your vote then you need to shut your mouth and don't complain because you have no right to say anything about something you wanted nothing to do with! If you did cast your vote and wish to complain then step up to the podium and I will defend your right to speak. This is what this country is built on - Rights for the people!

Get out and VOTE SMART!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hooo-rah! We're Number One!

I hope the American public doesn't think they're watching a television show, or something worse, like reality TV. This is where you vote for and elect the 2 most powerful individuals that control your lives and carry launch codes for a nuclear arsenal with them at all times. These are the people that decide if your family member is going to die in Iraq, Afghanistan or where ever they chose to send them to die in combat! They will control whether you spend your hard earned paycheck on gasoline or retirement, or worse - for food! How many people have had to give up their family pet becasue they can't afford to feed it anymore. I do care if our VP nominee has international experience and I do care if the other candidate is a self proclaimed 'pit bull with lipstick'. WHAT? How could someone in this situation say something so stupid and have people cheer? I thought everyone learned from the last 8 years what they didn't want. I guess I was wrong. I guess we should have spent more money on mandatory school education 20 years ago, maybe then we could keep up with our Asian and European counterparts. One thing we can cheer about in America. We are #1 at something bigger. We have the distinction of being the fattest people in the world!! Maybe if we don't really try we can be the stupidest also! Looks like were working on it.

Hip, Hip, Hooray! We're #1! We're #1!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting pretty sick of the hatred already.

It's not even November yet and I can't believe how upset people are when they happen to mention a presidential candidate. I've heard yelling, insults and veiled threats made by zealots of their party's nominees. Someone at work asked me who I would vote for and I happened to say that unless things changed I would vote for Mr. XXXXXX because of this reason and that. I no sooner got this out of my mouth and I was called a "communist" by someone who was listening at the next desk, who was NOT part of the conversation. I was appalled because this could be no further from the truth because I happen to believe in what this nation stands for, or stood for before GW came to town.
I partially blame the politicians for this mentality because they could ease tensions if they wanted to. No, I blame the commentators on radio, television and the printed media. I work with one fellow who listens to Rush everyday and everyday he gets arrogant and insulting if you don't agree with what he has been fed on the radio. This is just one example of the single mindedness that is 'red meat' to the press and the spin doctors. It makes me so upset being around these party 'alpha types' that sometimes I feel like my vote will be wasted on hate mongers, liars and flim-flam artists in Washington D.C. I will not have my clear judgement injected with doubt and I will cast my vote for who I believe will better serve my country's needs. My vote will count if everyone will cast their vote as well. We should be thankful that we are allowed to vote, most nations don't have that privilege. Think about it! Vote Smart!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, John McCain

by Mark Silva @ The Swamp
AP photo by Susan Walsh

ST. PAUL -- So much for privacy.

Sarah and Todd Palin insisted they wanted to protect the privacy of their 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, even as they announced on Labor Day that she is pregnant.

Then Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, the 18-year-old father-to-be, arrived at the Minneapolis airport today for the Palin family greeting of Sen. John McCain, the presidential nominee-to-be of the Republican Party.

Levi Johnston's appearance is as public a statement as possible that he plans to step up to the plate: The couple will marry, the Palins say. They planned to all along Johnston's mother says, even before Bristol Palin became pregnant.

Sarah Palin's appearance at this novel arrival ceremony is as public a statement as possible that she supports her daughter's choice -- indeed hails it as an affirmation of the "pro-life'' cause which she supports, an affirmation appreciated by the conservative, religious base of her party.

John McCain's appearance in the picture is as public a statement as possible that he accepts the whole family, a measure in and of itself of how far American politics has come: There was a time when pregnant teenagers were hidden, shipped off to schools of their own. In this time, a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend can be embraced by a candidate for president, in the most public fashion possible.

A public picture of extended family values.

So, so much for privacy, Palin family and McCain family alike. They have chosen a public path for America's at least temporarily most famous teen mom. And ultimately the public will make the call about what, if anything, it all means.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin bikini?

FAKE!? Is the jury still out on this one? I know people are hoping! :) Must be a Photoshop piece.

Monday, September 1, 2008

1+1+5+1-1=VP Nominee! What about Qualifications?

This election has a funnier storyline than The Tonite Show with Jay Leno!
Let's see if I have the math correct, McCain style that is!
1- years as Governor of Alaska
1- prior job as a sports anchor in Alaska (was she a mayor too?)
5- children
1- pregnant 17 yr old daughter (Alaska age of consent is 16)
less 1-father to be married to pregnant daughter at some point in time. What about that hateful MySpace page that he tried to get rid of. Inside Edition found it!
I think this snowball is just starting to roll down the mountain folks, stay tuned!

Hey John! Way to go, Buddy! Know how to pick 'em, Johnny! If you win and need something done for you I hear she's a great "organizer" and "hard worker", and a good shot I understand. I guess the VP job is now, a 'WORK STUDY PROGRAM', at the local community college. Have you signed her up for classes yet. Better hurry, spaces are filling fast! Hey John. Was this a 'NYAH, NYAH I GOT A GIRL ON MY SIDE' ploy to destroy the Dems? I hear she got excited when she learned part of her job would be RACE issues in America. She thought she'd be getting 'Pit Passes' for the race for her and her brood. Did she kill a moose too? I heard something about a bikini picture, probably a Photoshop job.

I have to end this now because this has disgusted me from the beginning. We have 2 men, 1 black and 1 white, from the U.S. Senate running against 1 Senator and a woman sportscaster from Alaska who JUST became Governor of the same state with 0 experience in politics, let alone world and domestic affairs. Dr. Kevorkian, where are you when we need you? Where are all the QUALIFIED candidates. We couldn't find any after 8 YEARS?!

First of the Month!

White Rabbit! The Brits will know what I mean. :)