Friday, August 29, 2008

Who's It Gonna Be?

I have a political question I'd like to put to you the reader of this blog. It's not a difficult question, just a question to see how politically savvy you really are. Okay? Here we go.

Do you vote for Obama because he is the best qualified black candidate, or
Do you vote for McCain because he has a female vice presidential running mate?

If you answered Yes to either of these scenarios you are indeed an IDIOT! Look what you are voting for? Your vote will determine who leads the largest free democratic nation in the world! If you cast your vote because he is BLACK or she is a WOMAN you are throwing away something that many, many people wish that they had. A vote that counts! I could care less what color someone is or what kind of genitalia they have. I want someone who will use all of their skills and abilities to successfully lead this country back to where we were before the dark time of the past 8 years.

I sincerely hope that whoever wins this election, they will go beyond basic expectations and respect our wishes as Americans, as well as get us back the respect we once had, with other nations that we lost under President Cheney's time in office. No, that's not a typo, think about it.
Be smart! Be selfish! Vote for the BEST candidate based on who they are, not what they are.
I've said my part, now go out and do yours. Get out and VOTE and make your voice count.

ps. I'm sure the Clintons would like to see McCain/Palin win so that Hillary can go up against Palin in 2012. I don't think John McCain's health will allow him any more than 1 term if he wins. Just my opinion and observations.

Note: The size, placement and postures presented in the pictures shown are in no way indicative of any candidate I am supporting, or trying to direct more attention towards. I tried to get a decent picture of both parties.


Matthew S. Urdan said...


Great post! I posted something similar today. I agree, McCain is a one term president and if McCain wins, Hillary runs against Palin in 4 years. I would love to have that choice because I believe, even though there are issues I disagree with both Palin and McCain on, that McCain/Palin really want to end business as usual in Washington, end partisanship, and get work done. I don't believe that as much for Obama anymore since he picked career politician Biden as his running mate (whom the American People already rejected in the democratic primary process.)


Dave said...

It just makes me nervous to think that if McCain got elected and something happened to him, a complete political virgin would be at the helm of a powerful ship of state with no charts or compass. Come on now, she was the only choice for a female who is 'allegedly' qualified? No female Republican Senators or Representatives that wanted the nod, or were even looked at? It's a bad day in Black Rock, folks!